Hair raising

If I go to a funeral, or a memorial, or an event where I might be expected to reflect on the death of one person, let alone more than 100,000, I would do my best to look reasonably smart, at a minimum by preventing my hair from looking a total mess. It’s called respect- Alistair Campbell 

If only Boris’s hair was so important, it’s not.

The left have a list to complain about.

Late to every lockdown

£22bn on failed Test & Trace

Gave billions to cronies not experts

Told people to shake hands

Late on masks, on schools

Still not shut borders

Defended Cummings

Eat Out To Help Out

Yes he was late to every lockdown, but he if he wasn’t we wouldn’t have noticed they don’t work, and have no effect on the curve. We should thank him.

Yes much money has been wasted on friends and others, that can’t be denied. Luckily HMRC can freeze any account, just as it is currently with small companies who have had Furlough money as it wants it back. Jobless figures will be rising sharply very soon.

Shaking hands is ok as your skin is quite a good barrier, some peoples hands are like leather. You’d be wise to wash your hands soon if you where trying to avoid a bug though as keeping them away from your mouth, nose or eyes, is time limited.

Why does a dog roll in the mud and come out looking happy, it hopes to gain from the mud, and replenish its local/ personal biome. Over cleanliness is deadly.

We had forty years research on masks. Those in suits decided to ignore it and push their political science version. It’s not medical science as we can read that on the BMJ and Lancet sites, and neither are Lockdowns. It’s a CCP control idea and used by many for pollution control. They make very little or no difference with bugs as the particle size is miniscule, you catch it just the same with one on or none on, or carrying a lucky pebble in your pocket.

Schools drive the community biome. Their desk tops are a festering mass of bugs that they pick up from all around. They go home and give these bugs to their parents who spread it far and wide. Just after the winter break is deadly for Mum and Dad and Granny, and has been since schools began. Note Granddad is probably already dead.

This is just one part of the infection engine. Hospitals are in second place, Planes, Cruises, Transit vans, and the School bus are in a close third place. It’s how it is in a mobile germ filled Nano world.

I was aware by Boxing day 2019 of something brewing. By New Years day I thought if they where going to hide from it then we needed to close all borders tightly, as it was probably already in and growing daily. Within days food shortages would be evident on a large scale. But we would be in the land of the unknown. When can we open again. Will it go away.

Of course he defended Cummings, most Bosses protect their closest allies.

I know of no one who took advantage of the eat out to help out. Or knew any local company that was in on the scheme, and who wants to eat from my local takeaways anyway, not many.

Some years ago a bug called Sar’s appeared, much the same as this one it started with a cough and x-rays of the damaged lungs. Professor Ferguson much the same as this time said hundreds of thousands would die. In reality 800 worldwide died. Much like this time, many around the Globe shouted fake, and exactly like this time, many asked to see a synthesized version and the corresponding electron scans of the bug. Just like now no one could provide one, no one had one in their possession according to those who replied. The same questions have been asked of the USA’s CDC, Canada and the UK and many others. Nobody has a copy of it after a year. They are working on RNA fragments that could have come from anywhere and a string of DNA off the CCP, they have no live assays. If they haven’t a copy of it how do they know what they are dealing with as far as treatment goes.

If you haven’t read about the fake epidemic, it’s time you did.

Note the WHO recently said PCR cycle numbers should be reduced, after a year of Scientists saying high numbers cause false positives and are driving the epidemic, and then Biden was sworn in. Next up case numbers will be falling right on queue. Read it like a book, like a controlled experiment.

They’ve no idea what happened to Sars or where it came from. If you read up on the Monkey tests at the time it is obvious quite quickly that it wasn’t a Scientific experiment, and what the purpose of it was must be questioned. The list of non scientific experiments grows larger during 2019, and I hope we are all keeping track of them all. In your face political Science allows no questions.

Today they set off to China on the story that’s where it came from. Bat soup and croutons for dinner. The truth is we don’t know what country it came from, and any chance were lost when the CCP threw data away, on purpose in my book. I’d say there is a continuous effort to stop people looking at it, what ever it is. It must be something as people are dying, the fact they’ve called it Covid is still not evidence based. If it is Covid lets see it synthesised and see the proper pictures of it. If you grow some fluids from an infected person what’s in the dish after a few days. After they forced samples up the Monkeys noses, in there eyes and down their throats I don’t think any got Covid. But the test wasn’t scientific enough for us to learn anything bar that was the wrong way to conduct a test.

So why bother going, a Zoom call/ Seance would suffice. Hello President XI are you there, hello, hello, can you hear us, hello, do we have audio, hello.


News just in.

Now that Biden is the USA President the World Health Organisation announces that PCR Ct rates should be dropped to prevent false positives. Mr Fauci said over twelve months ago that if you haven’t got a sample you can grow in a dish after 23 cycles you’ve got nothing and you should stop. So half of the globe has been shouting about this since the beginning unless they where deleted. Why wait until Trump has gone, to correct it? Case numbers are about to plummet across the West.

As Biden’s speech was played live on utube the dislikes went through the roof. Undoing Trumps legacy as the first thing you do isn’t bringing the country together at all. Having Harris in the number two spot just because she is a female,ticks a box but nothing else. The USA is miles behind in the equality stakes especially so with Biden in charge,as women no longer exist, a male can say he feels like a female, as Joe made sure he signed that order early on. Any educational institution that receives federal funding must admit biologically-male athletes to women’s teams, women’s scholarships, etc.

The World Health Organisation also stated that PCR should not be used as a diagnosis tool. Again this isn’t news, half the globe again has been shouting this from the rooftops from the beginning as the inventor who sadly died just before the epidemic started had already said. Much deceit was possible only because he had died. The noise from him alone would have been very interesting, as the West’s 1% needed a Pandemic. Boris’s ring of Steel he said he had put around Care homes has disappeared faster than British Steel, with Care homes and Hospitals providing part of the Covid engine.

Currently UK PCR Ct = 45 cycles, 50% above recommended. False positives everywhere and people in isolation that aren’t even ill. Talk about it and you get cancelled, as the media has controlled the majority of what people see.

Keeping the figure high has kept the alarm at full volume on purpose with false positives.

There are 43 behavioural scientists advising the Government on Covid, and just 12 epidemiologists. We can presume the SAGE panel has been designed to convince the public that there is actually a pandemic and nothing else going on. It was obvious why they wanted secrecy about their members at the start, as Health wasn’t their main interest, they are at best a nudge unit that uses fear as a tool. I shall gauge my view on them on how they undo the damage they’ve caused to more than half of the population.


Smash the likes.



With these endless useless Lockdowns continuing, keeping Potatoes fresh is a constant problem. As I galloped along my local Supermarkets depleting isles I noticed a product I’d used in my youth when it came in a packet. Thinking the Potato problem would be continuing as shortages might also come into play, I reached up and picked the biggest Tub.

After one meal I know I won’t be eating it again. Firstly the smell of wallpaper paste really put me off. Then I noticed it has a rubbery constituency just like glue, it wobbles, and that was the meal ruined.

It say’s it’s made from real potato, 98%, but contains allergy advice you don’t get with a Potato. 




Five more minutes Harry, that’s all, Miss Jones will be calling.

Harry is three years old and is currently racing a model car along a short bit of track, vroom, vroom, vroom. Come on now, I’ve got your pad. Harry reluctantly wanders over to the table and clambers on to the chair. The pad duly polished, is plugged in to the mains so the battery won’t run out, and is arranged so his face is in the camera window. She wipes a moist hand across his fringe just as the pad bursts into life, it’s Miss Jones calling.

She moves out of sight to make sure the baby is ok, well answer it then Harry. He reluctantly reaches over and taps the big red icon. Morning Harry the pad booms, Harry stares at the face he hasn’t seen in real life for over nine months, Morning she repeats like she’s looking down a tunnel, Poo, say’s Harry, poo, poo, poo. Of course what he would really have liked to say is this is shit but he hadn’t learnt that yet being only three years old.

Mother is warned his behaviour had better improve tomorrow. His Father on hearing of it says the Zoom calls can fuck off.  Harry learns a new word that he might test out tomorrow on that interfering Zoom call, vroom, vroom.

In the old days, Harry would be controlled by the actions of his fellow school mates. If they answered with morning Miss so would he, as just the action of that would be a group achievement. At this age Social behaviour is a big thing.

Sixteen to twenty fives.

They left School and College and might have just started their first job. Hospitality and Retail would have employed many. So a big number have been heavily affected by Lockdowns and by their parents Lockdowns.

The long term effects won’t be countable, as there will be many that are spread over many years.

Who to blame, I could blame Sage, Nervtag and Boris. But Boris is only a stage name in this farce. He’s no better than middle management is he?

Corporations are in charge like the UN, the WHO and the WEF. So when the WHO said don’t close your Airports we didn’t and a thousand a day landed from Northern Italy. Today twelve months later we are isolating flyers in quarantine. It’s a farce for sure.

Boris mentioned taking it on the chin to alarm the left so they would demand lockdowns and it wouldn’t have come from him. It was all planned.

Lockdowns where planned from the start. You don’t write a document about lockdowns and not enact it. You don’t change the definition of a Pandemic for no good reason. And you don’t throw forty years of fact based peer reviewed Science on Masks in the bin without a reason.

The build back better statement was uttered across the West like a script from a Central body.

bugs  This graphic is only part of the series but you can see down the right-hand side of each that many countries on many different latitudes had their outbreaks at the same time.

I’m guessing Harry had better get used to Zoom calls.


The wave

bugs I’m sure it’s a first time in the world that a bug has surfaced at the same time in numerous countries on different latitudes. This graphic is only a snippet but the picture was the same on all panels. It’s like it was delivered in the mail.

Now the USA says they have evidence that points to the lab at Wuhan some twelve months late.  A big chunk of the globe thought that at the start. Gain of function research could explain the increased infectiousness and explain the few voices at the beginning that said the change in the pathogen was unnatural. We know they did gain of function there due to the 2015 Ria group documentary. The question was asked by a worried reporter, why are they doing that research. The answer was they are paid to do it. Since 2000 they have been working on bringing back Spanish flu, so they can have a look at it.



If I go to my doctors, the building is full of people wearing face coverings, I am often the only person without one. The same is obvious in the supermarket, i am in a minority. But numbers keep rising. Could it be that the mask on the right is totally useless, because as a non mask wearer i can see the six foot rule is ignored by most wearers. Both of the masks on the left take total control of all your breathe in and out. They are tested in a fart cupboard. Clean shaven only with the mask on tightly you enter a cupboard and they introduce a smell, if you can’t smell it you can go to work. If your not clean shaven the seal can’t be guaranteed and you’ll be sent home. On both packets it says not suitable for viruses. Which would explain why I’ve only seen one similar mask wandering around the shops. All those who have had to wear such masks at work can remember what is written in big letters on the packet. I’m one of those. Most bugs by far are picked by our hands and stuffed up our nose or in our mouth or rubbed in our eyes. For protection stay six foot apart when talking and wash your hands if you’ve been out of your bubble. Wear a mask if you want but after 40 years of research on masks and Pneumonia the fact they give the wearer a false sense of security is all you need to read from it.


Viruses mutating are the reason we still suffer from the cold and Flu, it’s nothing new. But this government has been in alarmist mode since the beginning, due to the behavioural Scientists in the Sage Group who wanted to keep their members secret, and others like Nervtag.

Way back in the swine flu scare, laws where created for medical outbreaks across the West. The drama of that scare in the UK was pushed by our favourite Professor for over scaring people, Professor Ferguson. This was purposefully pushed towards the World Health organisation as the Globes Doctor for the future and global governance.

Read about the USA drug company Baxter and the live bird flu in the flu jabs at the time. There is a chance that was accidental, but it’s very slim. They have been accused of trying to start a pandemic.



Swine flu deaths peaked at 214 in the UK. Mr Ferguson resigned after breaking lockdown to go and see his married lover. He has resurfaced in a new group called nervtag, which is noted as an expert committee of the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), which advises the Chief Medical Officer ( CMO ), so he’s still alarming everyone.

In the USA these laws are classed as Medical martial law. If you ignore lockdown you can be fined $1,ooo a day for 30 days. If you don’t roll your arm up and take their jab you can end up in a camp or in jail. The same is true for Canada with their internment camps. In the background these laws are issued by the UN along with regulations by the World trade Organization, and these laws trump all local laws, and set the stage for militarising the management of continental health emergencies. This has been the case for nearly twenty years. The chance of Blue helmeted soldiers marching along our streets is high. In Australia mandatory detention laws have existed for flu sufferers since 2009.

Medical Martial law is/will be implemented bit by bit, the future for the common person is more than bleak. This is a test at the moment and the media might look like it’s on our side but it really isn’t.

Meanwhile it’s our fault for not washing our hands or taking their jabs that causes outbreaks, but the truth is often very different.

We are not Bio-safe as the Nano world is only just coming into view.

“What’s that Monkey pox doing there” was a real cry by a worried lab worker. She asked for a total shutdown of the vaccine industry while they had a look at the contamination problem. Of course this went down like a lead balloon with the leaders and she had her life ruined and even ended up in jail. The globalists really don’t like any interference to their plans. She came out of jail and helped make the film Plandemic where she didn’t have any nice words about her boss Mr Fauci who we got to see stood beside Trump quite often. Many class the man as a criminal.

If viruses increased their power every time they mutated we would have disappeared off the globe years ago. A virus wants coverage, it has no use in killing everyone as it would also disappear. The current Tory government seems to bring Lockdowns in as soon as the peak is reached or the numbers are already falling naturally, and serves no purpose at all other than to bankrupt companies and deplete savings and make many more unemployed in readiness for the Big reset where you can’t pick your job, you will be told what you are doing.

The current vaccination project isn’t using a vaccine in the truest sense of the word at all. We could call it Gene therapy and we would be much closer to the truth, in fact we’d be telling the truth. Why anyone would accept it is still a mystery to me as all previous safety checks have been ignored and it’s been rushed out and no one is liable if it goes wrong. But the government has alarmed many in the hope they would look on it as a saviour. Mr Blair said we must look on the jab as a passport to our future. 23 people in Norway who died after the jab would disagree with him, along with the others who are mounting daily. Some it seems are too frail to have it,but others who have died need more looking at, to see what went wrong.

This is an ideal time to say ditch Google which decides what you are allowed to see. I use more than one browser for my research and it only takes one test to see the difference.

I’d put Mr Blair in jail tomorrow morning first thing if I had the chance.

Meanwhile our corrupt government counts each jab, so at the end we will have jabbed 140 million people with a population of 70 million, using their counting system. We can add their numbers to the 50k nurses we supposedly have, and the 48 new hospitals and the  £350m a week for the Nhs, and many more false statements they make like counting a pair of gloves as two separate items.

Currently up to the 14th of January 2021 6.26% of adults have received their first vaccine dose, and 0.95% have received their second dose.

double bagger 

Meanwhile  Mr Biden isn’t taking any chances, he’s wearing two useless face coverings probably because he forgot he’d put one on already.

This man is bad news for the USA and good news for China, as well as is the communist Harris in the second chair. It’s looking more like Trump was robbed daily as more and more evidence comes out of those vote machines,but nothing will change now.


If you haven’t smelt Global Socialism from the very beginning I and many others have.



The Carbon plan


Below is a sample from Devon’s extensive plan.

  • Introduce policies to limit the human population
  • Reduce the A38 to single lane and rewild the closed lane
  • Deter use of larger vehicles by individuals
  • Ban 4×4 from green lanes
  • Introduce dynamic road pricing to reflect the true cost of carbon emissions, pollution and congestion are factored into travel choices
  • Grants to purchase bikes
  • Facilitate and normalise remote meetings e.g. virtual consultations with doctors, and encourage flexible and home working to reduce rush hour congestion–could business rates be used to incentivise this?
  • Ban engine idling
  • Require children to attend the school closest to their home
  • Privatise all Buses and Trains
  • Buses and trains that can transport bicycles
  • Run community transport on a weekly or monthly subscription basis, as is happening in Torbay
  • Make all roads in Exeter one-way so that a carriageway is freed up for a bus lane
  • Resident car parking permits to be limited to one per household
  • Establish a reliable electric vehicle charging network with county wide coverage, including on-street, park and ride and at tourist sites
  • Ban drive-through food outlets
  • Discourage the purchasing of items from overseas
  • Employers and food outlets to be encouraged to offer more plant-based options to staff and customers.
  • Lab grown meat: invest in lab grown meat research and educate the public on the benefits of it, as well as the acceptability of wild meat such as deer, rabbit and squirrel.
  • Encourage the reestablishment of hay meadows as a source of winter feed.
  • Support livestock farmers to diversify or to exit the sector.
  • Alteration of Dartmoor Charter to allow clumps of trees at less than one mile proximity
  • Provide support for more repair cafes to encourage reuse
  • All waste should be collected free of charge by local councils to avoid fly tipping
  • Improve carbon literacy so that carbon footprints can be compiled alongside financial accounts and then carbon intensity can be considered within decision making
  • Rationalise streetlights and illuminated signs, bollard and furniture
  • All buildings to have solar panels fitted
  • Grants, subsidies and low-interest loans made available to everybody from central and local government(paid for through council tax increase)
  • Discourage second homes and holiday homes by increasing taxes
  • Make fuels prohibitively expensive to reduce private transport
  • Provide sleep pods at businesses to enable staff to sleep at work rather than travelling home
  • Force shops to close when heating or cooling is in operation
  • Develop a campaign to engage schools directly in the climate emergency, including the curriculum

These are in the devonclimateemergency carbon plan after consultation with the public. Which public where they is a tale all of it’s own, and how many where they. I have looked at many “the country says” quotes over the years. 70% could well be 5000 young farmers.

There are pages and pages of the Carbon plan. It’s a mind bending project all built on a lie. The element Carbon is nothing to do with any of it, it’s all about CO2. Co2 during the Jurassic period was up over 2000 bpm, and had to be as huge plant growth was needed for huge animals. Was it super hot?, no. Co2 has fallen from that day, and we are still in a low period by comparison. It’s plant food and they are on about capturing it and burying it and taxing us for the privilege. It’s nothing more than a global fraud enacted by globalists to make money.

My pick starts with population reduction. Some might think Covid was released just for that reason but Covid hasn’t been a record killer as more died in January alone in 2018 from circulating Pneumonia.

influenza2018deaths per 1000 who5

Mr Gates did say he could control populations with vaccines.

If I look at the prominent figures behind this Carbon scam, I see the hand of the IPCC and the Greens and many more. I don’t remember anyone voting for these people.

It ends with the campaign to engage schools directly in the climate emergency. This will be interesting as there is still no sign of any man made emergency with the climate. Our kids have already had IPCC propaganda forced down their throats and many haven’t believed a word but many now think the planets on fire and everywhere is flooding. I’m hoping during the lockdown they did some research to correct this mistake whilst the data is still available.

The government and the media are using the same tactics they used to frighten the masses about the climate with Covid. The same old hockey stick graph, the same old were all going to die, the same we are following the Science. That bit has never changed. They are following political science to enforce an agenda, because real Science just as it did for the Climate and the Vagina, will get in the way.

So just as in the political climate science drama many prominent virology figures have been deleted out of the publics gaze. We saw the same for the installation of Gender bending Science. Anyone who wanted to quote real scientific facts is silenced and we’ve been in that situation now for years. Tell a lie often enough and many think it’s a fact.

In this month Denmark reported on it’s mask test. The Daily Mail published it four days later but no other Media outlet would. 3000 where sent out with masks on and 3000 without. 2.1% of those without a mask became infected and 1.8% of those without a mask became infected. Besides the obvious fact that masks don’t work look at the infection rate. We keep being told it’s running away, it’s going to overload the NHS, it’s really infectious. Save the NHS, Clap, Clap.

Reduce the A38 to single lane and rewild the closed lane, tells me they are cutting the numbers of drivers in a big way as that is a major road from Bristol to Cornwall.  Banning drive-through food outlets will be a big change but it’s not something i use. Making fuels prohibitively expensive to reduce private transport might already have had an effect. Banning engine idling is at least fifteen years late being implemented.

Devon is not highly populated. It is not well served by roads or rail or buses. The town i live in contains few job opportunities so many travel many miles per day, some even fly out of here on Mondays and might not return for a Month, and many have second homes in the county.  The ideas above make it an unsustainable area to live in for many, unless they do provide sleep pods at businesses to enable staff to sleep at work rather than travelling home. And all this for a lie.

Some local suppliers who import from the EU have already been told their orders will cease. Discourage the purchasing of items from overseas seems to be already happening. I notice Anchovies have been in short supply all year and substituting Sardines which are available locally isn’t the same.  Much like flights only those well off will be travelling any where unless it’s on a bike. I knew of four top class racing cyclists who lived in Devon and Cornwall just for the Winters hill climb training as the next village is always over that hill. If i cycled to my local City daily via the A38 it is a route for punctures, fallen trees and power lines, piles of manure, potholes and rivers of mud and floods. It isn’t lit all the way and wild animals can give you a fright, and then Winter arrives.

Many years ago when Microsoft first had it’s first video messenger service I regularly had a short conversation with a young Chinese girl whilst getting ready for bed under her work desk. This was cheaper than sleeping in the Dorm provided by the company. She was only allowed to travel home once a year to see her parents. As she panned the webcam around I could see multiple lines of desks stretching off into the distance. And along the floor many asleep living the Communist dream.

I don’t get the impression it will be much different here soon.


Boiling, boiling, boiling.

Ahhh remember Moscow in 1918, Berlin 1933, Beijing in the 50s, it’s so  nostalgic that Boris has recreated the fascist Communist revolution here in the UK. This old man has probably been sat at home with his Wife of many years listening to the BBC for months, jumping up every now and again shouting, “ he’s lying, did you see that Mabel”. “sit down George your frightening the cat”.

Today of all days with Blue skies above he’d thought he would stroll down to Speakers corner like you do and see if anyone there knew what was going on. There had been for a short while from Resistance Uk but the Police had arrested him for Speaking in public and carted him off.

The old chap stopped to get his breath back whilst wondering what the commotion was around all the Police cars on speakers corner, and lowered his face covering whilst he focused his tired eyes on a scene he’d probably only seen on the BBC before under the caption ultra ultra right wing fanatical bigoted racists. That was enough for a few of the Police to surround him and threaten all those taking photographs of the event to keep moving or Gulag and porridge,  so he was getting a ticket and a fine which will surprise the wife when he gets back home. He told her he was only popping out for some Lard for the dry skin on his elbow. Pay for heating or pay the fine will be a choice they will face soon. He won’t be able to recant what the Police said word for word, as he was partly deaf and was still waiting for an answer to his question about Democracy from the Officer mumbling behind the face covering. Sadly he had some ID, it would have been interesting to see what would have happened if he hadn’t. In other areas it looked like lawyers from maybe the free speech union led other objectors at the scene away from the clutches of the law.


You have to be moving and taking exercise in a Park whilst wearing a mask now as there is a deadly plague doing the rounds apparently that’s lasted all year but the graph says otherwise. It supposedly lands on the ground every five foot, so we have to stay six foot apart to evade it. The fact that six foot is the current mobile accuracy is more likely to be the reason for the rule. Evidence of the plague is still being asked for with no results in yet, and more died in 2018 and 2016 but we’ll ignore them.  Coronavirus 2019 looks like a colourized version of Coronavirus 1964, further proof that it’s new is needed. So we’ll have to go along with it a bit more but i don’t know how long they can keep a lid on it. There is volatility building in numbers from many angles. It will be interesting to see how they deal with it because you can’t stop it, only move it somewhere else. At the moment its directed at those at the very top and the police for their support of the policies. Not much will be seen of it in the MSM, but viewer numbers are falling across all main channels. Lots are now watching something else as the propaganda has become unbearable. It is obvious only one side is allowed a voice. This is not sustainable.

What about the boat loads of migrants what must they think of it all, I’m thinking the word shit is global. Most are economic migrants that have been lied to, the economy is about to be crashed, and we are fining granddad’s in the street for resting on his walking stick. I’m guessing some will be sailing back home soon before their shoes wear out. Here shortly a complete un opened Fray Bentos pie could be the necessary token needed, to swap for a pair of shoes.


Big Reset

Sky News Australia











Yes there are too many people ignoring The Big Reset. Everyone needs to email their MP to ask them what’s going on, and if they are up for it.

Powerful individuals, groups and large global organisations are at the forefront of a plan labelled ‘The Great Reset’, which intends to use the fear they have generated by the coronavirus to reshape the world and achieve net zero emissions, says Sky News host Rowan Dean. He’s not making it up.


Class 0

Grenfell (1)

After spending over 30 years in the Cladding industry, the Grenfell story has been a major interest.

I watched the first inquiry on Youtube. Six years after the event two of the commonest answers where “I don’t know” and “I can’t remember”. We had the least likely to be responsible for the carnage day after day, but it had to be done as much evidence was needed for section two and that takes time.

For those interested in how stuff works we got to see how the Fire system of training works and how their site visits work. We got to hear about the water system in the area, and how that works. We saw some community people and a chap who said it was all racist. I was truly despondent by the end. Interestingly they have never spoken to the people who actually the did the work of *fitting it all to the block.

We could see that the privatisation of training needs stopping immediately, as cost over rides any other commitment. So the quality for all concerned was below par to say the least.

Take any Profession at work and cut it down into its basic modules through an hour or ten minutes. Plastering comes out as add powder to water, mix, apply with arm movements. It comes on an A4 sheet in a tick box form. It says nothing about the word flat or the mess. So if someone comes to check your doing it right as long as your following the form your ok. Years ago it was three years at College, you learnt about the Chemistry involved and how the materials are made and used. You learned about suction and evaporation and then you learned how to apply it and use it. 

I noticed the Fire Officer had a tick box form, there was nothing about the Science or how or why. i felt for them who thought they’d been trained as they strolled on site during Construction, but I couldn’t compare them to the Fire Officers of twenty years ago. Those people had PHD’s and many had Trade knowledge in Construction based skills.

The second module is now in progress and things are much more serious. We have had discussions about the corrupt Insulation and French panel suppliers, and the control systems and laws that surround the Industry, and how they’ve all corrupted the system in one way or another. The class of Insulation is obviously of big importance. Todays Insulation rep was shocked at how many people he knew who didn’t know what “class 0” meant. It’s been a story today about thoroughly misleading documents that lead to mass deaths down the road.

Above 18 metres is a big industry control figure that applies to the flammability of materials used. Anything higher than that, then I would say “nothing that holds a flame can be fixed to the outside facade or the window entry area.” I was told that by a visiting Fire Officer many years ago as we started to Clad the first Tower Block in the UK. Using that principle means all my blocks and there are many,have never suffered much fire damage. Anything that could be affected by heat or fire was contained within floor sections with huge chunks of compressed Glasswool on the floor pads and above windows.

Years ago the windows where made of metal and a hardwood internal window cill was the only fuel in the window opening but being a hardwood it didn’t catch fire, it smouldered and carbonised. Now Plastic is everywhere, it might not blaze but it soon melts and falls away from it’s position and provides no protection to the joint area between the window and the Substrate.

How it worked for so long without a mishap all changed when Mr Blair conspired with the cladding Industry leaders to replace the workforce with migrant labour and reduce their costs by paying the migrants less and Privatising Training, Mr Cameron Privatised it a bit more.

The quality these migrants could produce wouldn’t be paid for by the clients eventually, and the Industry took a tumble. The clients had to pick another system urgently due to EU regulations on housing and picked Rain Screen.

Sadly that industry was corrupted as well, along with the Insulation suppliers. We can look at a few Tower fires with Rain screen panels on that have happened over the last ten years. Oddly anyone connected in anyway possible with Grenfell had never paid any attention to any of them, not even the Fire people.

I think I’ve given every tower fire, an above average inspection in the last fifteen years, but I’ve been in the Industry for 30 years and wanted to know what had suddenly changed with the idea of compartmentation which we had followed for years, with rigorous checks by Council Clerks and Fire Officers.

On the next morning after Grenfell I had a copy of as much data as I could find to do with the project, in my possession before 08:00am. Within ten minutes of looking at the design documents I could see exactly why it had happened, but the big question was how had we come to this which, wasn’t just fuel in the window area but fuel everywhere with no barriers to stop it.

So I apply that quest for knowledge that I had, to the Fire people who had been in the job for years, the Insulation people, the Architects, and every other one of them. As I’ve stopped a job in its tracks by getting the visiting Fire Officer to test the Insulation and condemn it, I have to include those who worked on the *face also, did no one smell it, and question it, that’s all that made me try to set alight a bit of Insulation and raise the alarm. If something smells burnable it generally is. No smoking on the job means no one has a lighter in their pocket any more.

It’s been obvious all the way through the inquiry that cost was the route cause that enabled all these things to cause a disaster, penny pinching costs across many areas, and the main actors weren’t living in the career of trying to improve housing and the safety of those inside it, they where in it for Greed or measly pay, and nothing else.

I was getting up everyday and doing my best for the clients, the residents and my employers, and so where many more in my team. It’s possible I’m a conscientious person as well as many others. The Inquiry has pointed out that some where getting up knowing a huge fraud was taking place, that threatened many lives, for ages. It would have eaten me up. Three days knowing something isn’t right would be too many. Note many are still living behind these systems today and there has been more fires since.

So you see a big business opportunity with a possibility of lots of sales, but your product isn’t waterproof and it’s an electrical item and needs to be. So you add WP to the name, it’s just two more letters, we’ll keep the same Font to save at the Printers,  and pretend you’ve got all the required tests done. You make a fortune for years and luckily no one pays much notice to the item not working after getting damp. Then someone uses them in an under water display of synchronised swimmers, and the power was left on for six minutes because everyone thought it was part of the show as the flashing lights where in tune with the swimmers jerks and convulsions. I think the smoke out of the eyes should have alerted some sooner, just as fires on high floors so they don’t spread far should have done, but these things happen, things get missed. Some people have other priorities like the share price and the screaming of the crowd.

By chance in 2020 Klaus Schwab of the World Economic forum or WEF as they call it, wants to get rid of Shareholder Capitalism and replace it with Stakeholder Capitalism in collusion with the IMF, because he thinks it will be more lucrative for him, the IMF and the rest of the 1%, after they’ve run it to its maximum corruption.

Nobody has voted for him or any other bit of the machine or their policies and controls, there have been no checks and balances on their decision and ideas, what could possibly go wrong. Answers on a postcard to a future enquiry.


What he really means is you’ll own nothing and have no rights and you’ll be happy when it’s all over. So there won’t be no inquiry. These are Neo Federalists with immense power and wild ideas. Any complaints about the deadly Insulation on your Housing, will be met with how ungrateful you are, Goolag. Soon any word against the party line will be punishable. Currently Social media is removing any post saying the voting system has been corrupted in the USA. It has many times before so it’s not unheard of, Kennedy and Bush where massaged into position.

The aim is to make it look like Trump has stolen the vote, as opposed to it’s all been corrupted with a purpose. Nikon was a previous looser to corruption and didn’t get in for another eight years. It’s not new, like Corona isn’t new. First seen through a Microscope on a sample taken from a boy in Surrey UK, by a woman from Glasgow in 1964, June Dalziel Hart. They had been here for centuries before that.

This from MP Desmond Swayne in the House of Parliament this week.

As we move into the vaccinated sunny uplands of release and freedom, there is a danger that the state has learned a powerful lesson – namely, that the British people do not worry too much about their liberties and that they can be dispensed with conveniently when need arises.

No body clapped.



Kamala Harris celebrates her and Joe Biden’s victory saying ‘you chose hope and unity, decency, science and truth’ calling the next president ‘a healer and a uniter’

The word Truth coupled with Science should be an alarm bell when coming from the Democrats. We only have to look at the last time they had office to remember their version of truth and Science. Kamala said her next goal is to become the most left wing President the USA has ever seen. With that in mind our days of showing truthful graphs like the one below, will soon be numbered. 19192019

This is the 100 year temperature record from Atlin on the Yukon border.


In amongst that data we have to be become alarmed and tell ourselves the world is burning up and the sea level will be 10ft above New York and we must adopt wind power and pay far more taxes to save the planet.

Under their watch we saw the Sciences become politicalized and corrupted on a massive scale. We can expect far more of this. They are a tool of the Globalists but many of the grass roots haven’t realised. So we’ll see the USA re-join the Paris agreement sometime soon which is the end for oil and coal and everything else.

If we look at Trumps record at stopping the globalist machine it really is just the Paris agreement he delayed. Biden’s corruption with the Chinese and others, was hushed up by the media as nothing could be allowed to stop him winning and he was only just getting to grips with mad leftie controlling social media giants.

With Trumps drive to bring back manufacturing to the USA we can assume China wasn’t very pleased as they would lose millions. Lets release a virus to slow him down or remove him from office, we can use our friend Joe.

Everyday Americans are just about to be shafted on many levels with Communism/Agenda 2030/rewilding on steroids. And it’s possible it was achieved by voter fraud, which would be about right for the left as they where/ are no different in the UK. We could see the media immediately try to play it down, “sore looser” they shouted, but investigations are happening across the swing states. To have lost it by fraud could start a civil war. In the data we can see the middle classes voted for Biden and the ones left behind by Globalism voted for Trump.

There is no way they could have allowed him to win as it has been delaying their plans. They’ve spent his whole office trying to get him removed with lies. Now where ever I look I see barking mad lefties which is what you need for a Big Reset. This will see the rapid use of a universal payment right across the West. The Globalists want everyone on the same financial level, in the hope it will remove envy from society. It won’t, we have evidence to suggest otherwise.

The last thing we needed was for the USA to fall and Australians where banking on Trump getting in again, as the left are handing over Australia to China. We can see Biden was in bed with the Chinese.

The truth of the matter is all the Sciences have been politicalised and corrupted. If you haven’t noticed the Church has as well. This happened in Russia many years ago and we can see how it turned out.

Meanwhile there is no global warming to get worried about. Men can’t really be women, face coverings don’t stop Influenza style bugs and neither do Lockdowns. That’s not just me saying that, all the real non politicalised Scientists say it also. By the time the first lockdown was implemented the peak had already passed. It had killed those that it could and it was helped by the NHS and its still working today. There is data on contamination after admission to support that idea.

Coronavirus: Hundreds caught virus in hospitals in Wales - BBC News

Our NHS is part of the fake science machine. If you get tested on your way in, then tested whilst in and maybe two times more, that’s three added to the case numbers and that’s more corrupted Science.

Weekly excess deaths by date of registration

The real scientists also say that viruses don’t do waves. We can see the truth in that statement in the official figures above and all data stretching right back through history. Note also on the above data the first grey box for June, that’s when masks became compulsory. The Pandemic can be clearly seen to have ended. I class that as a criminal act and so do others. No one should have been wearing a mask in the summer. Further immunity is needed to built up for the winter as the virus is now endemic. That’s how it normally works. Immunity might now be so low that the common cold could cause problems this winter, and it was a government decision. Early on we where going to be like Sweden then the World Health organisation said China had got it right so we are following that method now. Anyone for Bat Soup.There were notably fewer deaths for chronic lower respiratory conditions

Pneumonia deaths have disappeared, Covid has either taken precedency over the virome, or they are fiddling the figures, either could be true.  So there is no excuse for a lockdown. The Science has been corrupted. The data doesn’t lie.


Either way on the five year average above, we are clearly below the average death figure for this time of year.

Deaths at home are over the average and Unicef said 1 million childhood deaths would come from the poverty induced by Lockdowns. We can expect to see a rise in Cardiac problems because any time lost through fear or policy can have deadly results.

Experts are now saying this is nothing to do with health there is obviously something else going on. I decided that in October 2019 and am shocked at how late some are becoming aware. Lockdowns are considered to be absolute lunacy to the point they are criminal. This has gone beyond an observation, it’s plain to see in the data. 

Talking of being late, Nigel Farage has changed his party name to Reform possibly because his investments have taken a dive, and he an ex trader in the City. He put $10,000 on Mr Trump. If he’d asked me I would remind him of the shock that took place when they lost. The big plan was on hold whilst they worked on how to get rid of him. The plan is much bigger than he, and his bet was foolish at best. Covid is being used for the plan/ Agenda, and will have helped get rid of Trump with the fake PCR tests, the fake news on hydroxychloroquine which has helped many, and the death certificate scam, to name but a few. From where I was sitting he was doomed, and even a £5 bet would have been a waste. Without the virus he’d still struggle to be President.

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