Talking about World cup day



World cup day

Well i took up Grahams offer of the world cup projected onto his living room wall followed by a barby. So at 11 oclock i set off in my shorts and sandals to Grahams house allowing myself an hour for a leisurly walk to his house. It was with some surprise as i walked through the kids play area close to his house and glanced at my watch, 11.20. A mixture of army route marching and living in Blackpool for ten years where the journey to work through the throngs of tourists was a head down and motor on experiance had made me into a fast walker. So on arrival i was enlisted by Lauren to help in the construction of her Wendy house, a quick rebuild later and we where done, all it needed was the table and a chair inside to finish it off. As per normal at Grahams and Racheals some marinaded chicken and pork, jerk style titilated the taste buds washed down with copius quantitys of beer, good company and a nice breez. Late in the afternoon i set off home with alcohol steeped legs to walk Albert who had been home all day, probably asleep in the sun but bound to be missing his dad. After a walk down the river i popped in at Alan and Teresa’s for more food and beer and more chums getting home around 11.30 for a cup of tea , a full day by anybodys standards but before bed log on and check mail etc and a wink from a nice looking lady called Pebbles landed in my intray, hmmmmmmm, interesting.

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