No Benefits

Form IB65 said it all, you have 12 points and you need 15 to continue on incapacity benefit and we have decided to stop paying you on the 8th. It was a shame the 8th had been and gone, no more incapacity is not a problem, its a rubbish benefit anyway not entitling you to anything as its not a means tested benefit. The problem is finding out on the 15th your not getting any money on the 16th, they are going to pay it into my bank and withdraw it immediately, they will not really get hold of it until the 19th when they will work out how much they owe me and the difference will be paid into my account no later than the 25th. Now i dont know about anyone else but i budget my benefit to last a fortnight and by the end i am running out, of course like the lady said i can claim Jobseakers but that takes up to three weeks to be paid, so now i have to budget my £4.24 to last up to the 25th, now wheres my calculator?

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