The Balls have it

I had taken up the offer of tea, and dutifully turned up at 6.00pm and sat down too homemade Steak and kidney pie with all the veg, followed by Rhubard crumble and custard, full to the brim i was and somewhat alarmed that in a very short time i was slouched down on the sofa with my pants down and Coranation street hadnt even started. Her mouth glided over Roger, her tongue flicking around the helmet and her long blonde hair gently rubbing my balls. I reached forwards to release her ample breasts to the intro of Coranation Street, quite a pair, i would have to spread my legs a bit further to fit them in. She slowly brought her lips to the helmet flicked her head to remove the hair from her face, a faint blush colouring her skin and with one hand gently caressing my balls she said "you’de make a lovely Christian", the mix of suet pastry and Rhubard crumble groaned in my belly, i was going to get acid if i stayed in this position. Without giving it much thought i said "so would you" to which she replyed "i am a born again Christian". Now this was my first meeting with a Born again Christian and i was pretty sure sex before marriage was was not allowed, i raised myself from the sofa and forced Roger back into my jeans , should you really be doing this, a tear escaped her big blue eyes "no". The one and only time ive been caught by Flirty Fishing

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