Drinking in daylight hours

Ive been off my food for some time, eating it, preparing it, even buying it. Worrying about the amount of chocolate i eat i bought myself a bag of semi dried berries and a bag of semi dried prunes. My bar of dark chocolate flake was subsidised with an handfull of berries and three whole prunes. I added to this a bag of peanut M&Ms which i munched whilst stuck in traffic on my way to work. Steves missus arrived down the office at some time around lunch with a large lunch bag from which i gained a very nice chocolate cup cake, shortly after this and after a head storming office meeting we all headed to the Market House for a full english. Dawn was away on her hols in Africa so no food was available so we had sum ale instead. After a few of these i set off home and feeling rather giddy on arrival went straight to bed before i fell over. I awoke and lit my watch 4.00 am or so i thought. I turned over and over for ages listening to the rain and ended up getting up and making a cup of tea, switched on my computer which wasnt off but in sleep mode which fooled me for ages and then i noticed the time 12.10, it must have been 11.20 when i looked at my watch.  Now im sat here on my tod whilst everyone else is offline, Drinking in daylight hours, not good.

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