Haut de la Garenne

Ive been watching with some interest the news of the atrocities at Haut de la Garenne in Jersey. The kids involved are now adults if they are lucky, some of them actually look normal. Ive noticed one or two are hanging on to normality by a thin thread and having to re-live it all again can be no barrel of laughs, its easier to talk about it when its fresh in your mind, when somebody or something later in life reminds you of a split second of your childhood, it can be a simple thing like the smell of or the word Dettoll- one young fellow had it poured down his throat causing burning and lung damage by some evil person in charge of his safety. The terror of the day still evident on his face as he touched the scene, and i bet the smell of Dettoll filled his nose again and the terror, oh what terror. The fact they have found a piece of skull there takes us down into the depths of human bastards, there isnt many of us who could begin to imagine the scene and theres one of us will never know they got found out at last, its a bummer some of the bastards have died before it came out. Will any good come of it all, i say no, some people get removed from the system but there is no sorry good enough to replace the scene etched in your head.

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