Atlas, Cern

10:28 am and they have steered a beam around the circuit and all seems well. Now for a week of calibrations before the big run, in the hunt for the Higgs Bosun or the God Particle as some call it. Its nice to know Prof Hawkins doesnt think they will find it, mouldy old fart should keep his chips out of it, can someone pull his plug please.
The Proff is hoping to see the particle before his 80th birthday next year. I bet he is, 10,000 scientists and  just over £4 billion have been working on this for over 3 years. We may already have the data on it from other smashers in the USA but its not been revealed yet. In true British form i think we ran out of money and made cutbacks to the project and probably a few more projects around the world we are connected with, funding for this form of exploratory Physics is pretty dire and it can only harm our standings in the international Physics world.
Well i wish them all well, lets solve the mystery of dark matter, find a cure for blindness, Stick two fingers up at Hawkins and good luck with all the other experiments that are running along side the Atom Smasher.
Ive always been a fan of Proff Higgs since he won the Wolf prize in 2004 with Proff Brout (about the same age)who i think ive seen in the current media from Cern, the second highest award for physics and refused to fly to Jeruselem to pick it up, being opposed to Isreal and its operations in the middle East, a man after my own heart.
Proff Higgs Proffesor Higgs looking good for 79

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