Tony Blair

Our Palestinian chums are getting pasted again for sending over some rockets the Israeli’s reckon arent deadly but could be. So in retaliation they send over some F-16’s and pound the hell out of them. Tony Blair ever the international player has asked them to stop along with Miss Rice and others. Have they no, F-16’s have gone in for phase two instead and tanks are amassing and reservists have been put on stand by, who are all armed to the teeth by the west. I fear an invasion of Gaza and maybe all of Palestine is about to unfold and the Arab world may react in force to support the Palestines. Religion still has the power to finish us all. Israel certainly has the power behind it to finish us all if not the Palestians with their bean can rockets but will always struggle with suicide bombers until they get off their land, open the borders to trade, give them back their water supply and areas occupied illegally. Tzipi Livni the Margeret Thatcher of the day is the one to watch, her attack face is on. Ms Livni told a meeting of her Kadima party that she would topple Hamas if she became prime minister after the general election on 10 February. So there is a political motive for her and a timetable. I just hope Egypts airforce is awake this time.

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