Them and us

My local Conservative manifesto "The Conservative County Team would freeze councillors’ allowances; reduce the number of councillors receiving Special Responsibility Allowances and continue to avoid agreeing to councillors becoming part of the pension scheme; open primaries; local control of education and housing; elected police commissioners; an end to the patronage powers enjoyed under Crown Prerogative; appointments through open parliamentary hearings; scrapping the Human Rights Act; a recall mechanism; legislation by citizens’ initiative; referendums. " The trouble is people remember the last time they where in it seems they sold all our assets bar the Royal Mint and set us off on this boom or bust which we are now suffering the effects of. They where the only party to show their face at my door."beware the Conservatives".
My local LibDem manifesto "Liberal Democrats will continue to invest and lead for Devon by further increase recycling – aiming now for 60% and maintaining our reputation as England’s greenest county – and investing in the Devon economy." Hmmm a nice smoke screen to take our mind off the fact they are £670 million in the red and want another £50 million to finish the term and where are these investments in the economy?.
My local Labour manifesto i shredded and threw it in the brown bin with my lawn clippings thinking it was a flyer from my local kebab shop, being red and shiny and quite small compared to the other two. I am pretty sure they have never won a seat or even a stool in these blue rinse parts ever and are not likely ever to do so.
The Green party manifesto i have yet to see, hear, or read but luckily i well aware of the impact they would have on my personal life, especially after reading they are measuring the amount of Methane a cow produces and have come up with 90% comes out of its mouth.
So i wasted my vote in the locals even though the results are not out yet and possibly wasted it voting for YD in Europe but it was nice to feel i was the youngest person in the Polling Station. Both my offspring even though pestered by text throughout the day didnt vote, my son offering the words "there’s no point" and my daughter never responded so i got the same impression from her as well.

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