Has Blair resigned

It would seem Mr Blair our Middle eastern Peace Envoy has resigned his post with the line ‘It just shows that if you set your mind to something it can be achieved" what he means by that i am unsure. On the ground a member of the Palestinian parliament Mustafa Barghouti said  "If I am honest, I would say that his mission was a failure." hmm, failure, not a waste of time or he could have done better but a failure. I think his recent grilling by the Foreign Affairs Select Committee may have made him realise his tenure was not sustainable. His role as envoy has seen him champion a number of causes including the creation of a major new industrial park on the northern edge of the Palestinian city of Jenin, in the occupied West Bank but seeing as he hasnt done anything about the Israel’s road blocks and the fact the locals cant guess from day to day whether they will be let through, sort of makes it useless and a constant thorn to wind up what population is left, i suppose the shot of him wearing a yarmulke shows which side he is on. A fake religious person if ever i saw one.
On a good side relations between the Usa and Israel are at an all time low after the Jewish state rejected Barack Obama’s demand for an end to settlement construction in the West Bank and Washington threatened to "press the point". I’m not sure what point the Americans are going to press but if it stops new settlements, gives the Palestinians some water, opens up a few gateways so Gaza can lift itself out of the rubble i will be all for it, come on Obama ignore the Jews at home and make a stand our bloke was useless no matter what Mr Bush said about him, you could be the last man before Israel wipes out Palestine for ever.

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