Thats that out of the way thankfully, the four months upto and including April can be so gloomy for me. There is so much celebration it does my head in, it is something i still have to learn, and past memorys of Christmas with all its false gaiety weigh heavy on my mind to the point i hide away for a while. I find it hard to buy a Christmas card never mind send one and to buy presents is nerve racking to say the least. So it was unusual to find me at Annabel and John’s for Christmas day lunch and a family duel on the Wii with Mariokart> 
John and Annabel are now regular partipants on the Mariokart network so look out.
I even had a present off Tru, a lady i have never met which is a first, i have been lucky in my life to have presents off people close to me in more than one
period. As a present to myself i have downloaded a plan for a kite big enough to carry a camera and shall be sewing soon 🙂 I miss my shed for projects
but the thought of tidying mine and installing a workbench fill me with dread but the kitchen table is just not good enough 😦
So on we go with the New Year, some hopes and some dreams to act out for all my friends, family, myself and Albert Good luck xx

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