You cant get the staff

My son at work with his workmates pinning insulation to the outside elevations of houses rapidly catching up with the workmate drilling the holes for the fixings and struggling to get the pins in without beating the hell out of them (For today i will call him Driller). So they end up calling driller back with the drill to bore them a bit deeper, after telling him to hold it level and straight the first hole is re-done with what seems like a lot of effort and he moves to the second one which wasnt deep enough. Son and workmate 2 had been leaving pins out and stuck in the insulation beside the hole as a mark. All his weight on the drill driller continues whilst son tries his pin in the first hole, its still a struggle but its in, hole 2 is done and workmate 2 sets off hammering he’s pin in, son moves over to number 3 hole, driller is just cleaning out the hole by ramming the bit in and out after more remarks from workmate 2 who was having to beat his pin in also, clean out the f’in hole you wanker. Just then son notices the end of the bit looks dark, too experienced eyes a sign of heat to the shaft which is a softer metal and normaly means the Carbide end has worn down to shaft thickness and after examination its clear the Carbide head is completly missing and the end is curling over like a wooden tent peg, driller goes off to get new drill bit. He had probably drilled all day like it. New drill bit in and off he goes back on hole 3, it still looks like hard work when workmate 2 demands the drill, turns it over to look at the direction switch and its in reverse. Thats when i would have took the drill of him and told him to go home. 

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