More Kite stuff

Out of the house early as the sun was shining bright, but in reality it was freezing cold. Winds where non-existent to 5mph so i picked my big lifter “The Dopero” and headed across the field to find a good breezy spot.

Its not the easiest of kites to get ready especially if you can’t get out of the wind, luckily it was very intermittent. I had tested the electronics and Pan function the evening before, but in the field i had problems with the Pan gear slipping.

Setting off with my Canon G9, and CHDK running a interval script set at 5seconds intervals, all was well until i dragged the camera in the snow, try as i might i couldn’t dry the lens properly so returned home. (First picture below).

I decided i didn’t have the time to sort the gearing but returned with another plan.  I decided on one shot, then down with the kite to alter the cameras direction.

I also decided on using my Nikon D100  which weighs 1500gr and is only 6mb but i have a 16mm fisheye that i can use in manual mode only.

So bring the kite down so i can reach the camera, set a 20 second delay (Max) set the shutter as high as possible (1000th), press the shutter, then run to the anchor point to tension the line, hoping you get as high as possible and stable within the 20 seconds. Then bring it down again and check the exposure which wasn’t easy to set with all the snow and a big blue sky, ending up @750th sec F5:6 then repeat.

The only problem was the kite at low level in unstable air, more than once it travelled sideways across the field with me hanging on to the camera in one hand, and the Dopero in the other.



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