Hair today, gone tomorrow, or is it the day after

I have had the same hairdresser for many years and have never grumbled about driving to Exeter when we have four or five hairdressers in town. It gives me chance for a walk around and perhaps do some shopping or just sit outside and have a coffee somewhere. Since my hairdresser gave up his shop i have been on the small list of people invited to knock on his flat door to get a private hairdo in his flat. I have been doing this for some four years. He recognises my voice straight away when i phone and we always spend an hour afterwards gassing in the kitchen over a coffee.

Christmas was looming so i made the call to book a cut, no answer but his answer machine was on so i left a message. No call ever came, i waited until the end of December and phoned to wish him a happy new year on the answer machine. Then we had the snow into January and on hearing the answer machine i thought it was possible he was at his mum’s in Wales and probably stuck. So January went by and i had developed night sweats so was waking up with some mad hairdo’s and was getting desperate for a cut.

February and things had changed, well the answer machine message had lost Dave’s message and was now a plain machine message. I left my number, i have many times, but no one has called back. Getting sick of the wind blowing my comb over around i was now getting desperate especially after catching sight of myself in the Exit windows of Tesco’s after walking Albert, i had the look of Ken Dodd about me.

So home and plug in the clippers, shortly after starting i became aware my frozen shoulder wasn’t going to let me use my left arm much, so it was a little hit and miss, especially in the back quarter behind and over the left ear


Day three and more trimming was needed


I don’t have any Nvq’s in hairdressing hence the cut taking days, (or a transportable mirror) the picture from day two i seem to have deleted but i must have looked like an accident victim as my left side produced a shot mid-way between shot 1 and 3. With some luck my Mother has sent me a Marks&Spencer gift voucher for my Birthday with needs a trip to Exeter to spend it and i shall be knocking on Dave’s door to see if i can find out what’s happened to him. It all seems a little odd, and if i throw in that Dave is gay, then it definitely seems odd.

To wash your head at the same time as your face is a boon i have missed, and with summer coming it could be ideal.


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