Dog walking

Well the dog thinks that’s what  where doing, but i rarely leave the house without a camera, so the dog walk takes second place quite often. I rarely leave the house without a camera, but on a dog walk i am more likely to take a tripod of sorts especially if i’m carrying my aged Nikon D100 which is my favourite for infrared photo’s.

Last year sometime i was talking about walking the dog online and a lady asked if I’d ever been and walked around Killerton house, i said i hadn’t, in fact i had only been there once to take an Autumnal shot for a jigsaw.

So with limited sunshine we set off and found ourselves way out the back of the house leaving us with a nice uphill walk up around the rear of the house. I got my tripod out for the only infrared shot of the visit

I deemed it too dull to take anymore and we continued on, wandering past the front of the house we ended up in a field. For some reason we walked up to the top before thinking lets go back the way we came. On the way back down the field i am keeping an eye on the thick clouds and what little sunshine there is. I get to the field entrance and can spy a break forming in the clouds. I erect my tripod and stand there for over an hour as Albert sat waiting, glad of my bobble hat  as a cool breeze was blowing in from the North. I took four pictures one after another and picked this one taken on my Nikon D600.

One thing i did notice on our walk was the odd tree here and there, with no thought on it’s position. There’s two odd ones in the main clump and what’s that one on it’s own doing? maybe the planter doesn’t have a dog and a camera.


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