Youth unemployment

Is running at 24.4% . Firms are running on spread sheets, the likes of Amazon time you on the toilet, how can they take on unskilled labour?  Unskilled youths don’t fit in to the little boxes. My lad has two youths with him at the moment, the firm says they won’t cost him. That will change the minute they think my lad is earning too much. My lads company’s spread sheet has so many boxes to colour in per house, if you are not doing what the box says on the day, the boss wants to know why. “why haven’t you started no 15, the lady in no 17 is dying, but why haven’t you started, she’s dying and we are wary of the noise from drilling on concrete shelled houses, but you still haven’t answered my question”, why haven’t you started no 15?”

One is a family man and he’s the one with the most energy to get on. I was chatting to the younger one some time ago. He had done a construction course at college where you do a bit of everything, i asked him to take his mind back to college, “which section looking back did you think, i don’t mind this, i could do this day in day out”. He answered with Electrician, i laughed and asked him what the hell was he doing in the EWI industry, working outdoors in all weathers, treated like the scum of the earth. He had no answer for that. He thinks he will be earning £500 a week very soon, even though my lad has told him from the beginning “i don’t earn that working here, and if i did the management would cut my money.

The boss has a pen and it takes him very little time to cross out something on his timesheet with “i’m not paying for that”. I constantly badger my lad to lodge a complaint but he his wary of loosing his job. The youth’s mind is so far off the job he leaves tools everywhere and in a few short weeks has lost all his kit, the slightly older one has been spending a percentage of his wages on tools every month, albeit cheap one’s but his earnings are dire. Tools make the job quicker and easier, the youngster will offer up a board mark it with his saw and then be amazed it doesn’t fit, so cuts another and another, the other one measures it with he’s tape and it fits like a glove. The youngster will have gambled and drunk his months wages away by the end of the first week.

In reality the youngster spent £400 on a tattoo of Father Christmas on his shoulder which looks like Alan Sugar.

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