Holiday pay

Interesting news today about workers who do overtime regularly should have their holiday pay worked out on the sum total rather than their hourly pay. There is even talk of back pay, which some firms will find hard to pay. Needless to say the bosses will be appealing and appealing.

Years ago when i worked for the Connaught group ltd, they paid an average of your last 4 weeks pay, until they floated on the stock market, and where owned by Venture capitalists.  Then everything was whittled down, even the amount of days you could take. One year with a long Christmas period the workers didn’t have enough left for a summer break, on speaking to Citizens advice about it, i was told i worked for one of the tightest company’s in the land, as only three company’s doing the same had been recorded. The bosses obviously had more days so it didn’t affect them. The bosses had 28 days plus bank holidays, the workers had 28 days. I never stopped ribbing my bosses about it, your one of the tightest company’s in the land used to go down like a lead balloon, investors in people award, don’t make me laugh.

My son and most of the current Eco, Green Deal, EWI & IWI, Solar, loft insulators and cavity wall filling workers are employed but treated as cheap sub-contractors. My son reckons he’s an £8hr  subby as he buys he’s own tools and PPE and rarely works for his measly hourly rate and receives no non productive wages if he’s left standing around. He has days when he earns far less than his hourly rate, but they never make up the difference, partially as it’s most probably his boss playing games against him. One line manager from his last company Sers Ltd wanted to put him on his hourly rate with no metre price,  but keep to his hilarious spread sheet or get sacked, luckily he left before it happened. He is not a robot. That line manager finally got the sack, i did laugh.

I have asked ACAS if these pseudo sub contractors are even included in this current action, they said no, but gave me a big thank you for bringing it too their attention. My son leaves the house every morning hoping to earn £200 a week more than his hourly rate, the weather and his boss are the two main reasons this doesn’t always happen, but why should his holiday pay not reflect this.


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