RaspberryPi camera lens

On a 5 Pence pieceThis is the Raspberry Pi lens unscrewed from its housing on the camera board. It is focusable but only minutely, and its size makes adjustment very difficult to achieve. I have replaced it with a £3.50 M12 CCTV lens and holder.

M12 22mm

M12 22mm

I have it mounted on a micro pan and tilt bracket with servo’s attached. I have hopes of getting the RPI-Cam-web-interface working. So, i have got as far the browser picture shown below.



I am thinking the £3 lens is responsible for the colour cast or is it a light leak?.

The Camera settings page might correct it but I have doubts, so first check is the seating on the board.

Why the direction buttons are blue and not green clickable ones is still beyond me. (This is not my first attempt at the code). As the servo’s require a PWM signal, ServoBlaster has been installed first, to provide two of these PWM signals to  two designated pins on the Pi, and I have yet to get my head around it, to the point I haven’t moved a servo under control yet. Luckily it is still usable in its present form. Weather permitting I have hopes of Time lapsing a local fireworks display very soon. The original lens was quite wide in its view and the fireworks would have been lost in the distance. Being able to SSH into the Pi with my IPhone is a big aid when focusing, as you can zoom right in. It would be possible to motorize the focus with my micro 3v motor and a slider on the webpage.

50:1 160Ma -max

50:1 160Ma -max

Focus is still quite finicky with fingertip adjustment, so 50:1 would be high enough gearing, further gearing could be achieved on the final coupling to the lens if this is still to high. A 15mm long worm gear would be idle, with the corresponding tooth on the lens.

It takes twelve revolutions of the lens and it extends by 6.5mm from its closest focus to infinity.  A further 50:1 reduction may be needed to aid focussing especially at the close end. Below is a shot of the IPhone flash and cIphone flash and cameraamera, in real life there is 11mm from the outside of the flash across to the outside of the lens housing.  I will be using it more at the close end of focus, timelapses and videos to follow.


pilens  For some reason I left the light seal of this end. This is enough for a light leak.


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