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Boris is marching ahead with Agenda 21/30. He waffled on about saving the planet yesterday by re-wilding the South Downs and he said he’d spoke to the UN about his idea. I’m unsure why as it’s their policy that was signed by Cameron and over 160 other world leaders, yet he’s giving the impression its he’s idea. I can see why he uses the stage name Boris, he is acting on behalf of Globalists. The Globalists want Trump to win so cheap food can flood the market and what’s left of the NHS can be spirited away.

One headline said Britain will use it’s financial and diplomatic power to help save the planet. The plan is to re-wild 30% of the UK. Meanwhile the Amazon jungle is disappearing daily and 100,000 ancient trees are felled for HS2. This is the barmy green revolution they are delivering which is as screwy as their Covid preparations. Our current financial clout is over two Trillion pounds of debt. How much farm land will disappear under this plan isn’t for our benefit and food security will be further damaged, but it will help save the planet and you want to save the planet don’t you.

Holland’s attempt at rewilding saw animals dying on a barren landscape.

The Chancellor introduced the word viability in his recent speech, this will be used to clear these areas of housing and everything else as it’s not viable to live in a Safari park. We’ve all seen Jurassic Park and should not underestimate the madness of this plan. Housing in flood areas will no longer be viable. Many aren’t already as Insurance premiums can’t be paid. But this policy will remove all housing from areas the model says will flood in the future. There will be no compensation. We can expect letters from local councils saying under current regulations your house or company isn’t viable.

Companies that survive the Covid onslaught will be forced to comply with the agenda and all it’s regulations. It will be a replay of the period shortly after joining the EEC as companies closed by the hour and the jobless figure went through the roof.

Stakeholder Capitalism will hope to give the impression of inclusion as we’ll all have a stake but it will be worth nothing. The charlatans that have stripped the Magic Money Tree bare are about to compost it,  flip a big switch, and move on, when tech and the situation is right for them.

A lockdown not only bankrupts people and companies and reduces peoples savings, it delays the effects, as the virus doesn’t go away because we are hiding indoors, as the borders are still open and no one is looking for the source. So it appears again as soon as we re-emerge. They are looking for remains of any virus so up to 30% can be false readings in either direction. Which is why the maker said it can’t be used to track a virus outbreak, yet the UK  has been using it for months. Other tests are looking for Antibodies but we need to be looking for Tcells and carriers as antibodies have a short life and give limited immunity. Immunity from a vaccine in no way compares to the natural immunity we gain with Tcells.

Planning ahead the plans show high density habitation zones and Architect students are busy working on Dystopian hi-rise micro housing. I can see examples in my local City. Small windows ensure that you have a limited view and ingress of the sun.

Currently over 50,000 flats have the same cladding on as Grenfell tower had. They’ve had over six years to put it right but many haven’t. Those that reside in habitable zones like in Plymouth will be revamped but any others won’t be viable.

The oligarchs have got the poor to vote for the interests of the very rich and their ideology with massive lies and deceit and not just here at a level previously not seen. It happened in the USA, India, Australia, Brazil, Hungary, Turkey and Poland and the Philippines. This has been a worldwide effort to use social media to swing the vote in all these countries to make sure that everyone was on-board for the upcoming Agenda. Oddly no other leader is using a stage name like Boris.

We have to wonder how they could have implemented it without a virus, as they have been studying the plan for years.


Turkey twizzlers

After their recent launch Turkey twizzlers sold out across the UK, and I’ve yet to try them.

With Boris and the teams latest Covid conditions, Turkey twizzlers might be the right order for Christmas as we might all be sat on our own. Farmers fattening birds for Christmas will have to alter their diet rather quickly as nobody will want a 30 portion bird now.

Lord Sugar recently asked “What do others think, it’s not clear to me where covid came from.”

I hope he asks this question in the Lords and they do some research and release it like they did with their Migration report around 2008 which would cause an absolute storm at the moment if it was dragged of the shelf where the Tories buried it.

They won’t have to look far down the rabbit hole before they come across the name Dr Fauci from the USA, along wth the NIAID which he led. They funded the scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and other institutions, for work on gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses in 2019. $3.7 million over six years for research.

Gain of function involves manipulating viruses in the lab to explore their potential for infecting humans. Many Scientists have voiced their concerns along with a few media companies that documented the lab around 2014/ 15. Their concerns where the risk of starting a pandemic from accidental release.

So they paid $millions to enhance the ability of bat coronavirus to infect human cells and laboratory animals using techniques of genetic engineering.

The after effects of this has meant the closure of UK pubs at 22:00hrs 09/2020, and this new Lockdown with everyone confined to house arrest.

The Army, who can’t be used to defend our borders, have been called on to help the police suppress the people. The Great Reset must be on its way soon.

There is nothing like seeing the Army on the streets that says the country is open for business, not.

Some might say that the political system is no longer of any use as they never voted for any of this.

I can remember discussing the ditching politics scenario because it’s become useless by design, at school in 1972 as a prelude to handover to a non political system like the EU. I wonder if my Teachers where a bit ahead of the Rabbit hole in their day.

If Lord Sugar travels further down the hole the name Bill Gates and the BBC pops up, and some of those we see on the UK covid TV, nightly in Suites.

I think this is being used as a tool to implement Stakeholder Capitalism. First get rid of the Shareholders and the Companies that support them, but it might just be a side effect of Covid. How did they already have a new form of Capitalism waiting in the wings, if it wasn’t planned.


As soon as the Pandemic hit, the media started with the New Normal and the Big Reset. They all had it prepared, the websites where already designed. The mass satellite deployments planned months ahead. The whole damn thing has got plan written all over it.

It is now obvious that question and answers around Covid Science are no longer allowed. This is called dictating which means we are in a Dictatorship, and all opposition seems to be ok with that.

Finally Boris’s bum Brexit deal he triumphantly held aloft to swing the election has meant he might have to break International law to correct it. The only deal the EU where prepared to accept was one where they still have control, so he signed it and left. Did he know he couldn’t walk away with anything else, but also knew he could rewrite it in the house when needed.

Watching the Bills journey through the house it has been obvious that neither Scotland, Ireland or Wales are happy with it, as apparently it destroys devolution and is nothing more than a power grab.

For a moment I wondered what it would be like if Corbyn had won.



Why isn’t Sir Kier Starmer berating Boris Johnston about his policies, it’s possibly because he is in favour of the them. The government is being run on behalf of the socialist UN so all opposition is also on-board. We are definitely in a rush to adopt Agenda 2021/30,  so the quasi communist flavour of this current Tory farce is to be expected.

Mr Farage is often at Dover filming the migrants arriving in their boats. Quite a lot arrive overnight and leave wet clothes on the beach and disappear into the night.

Sections of the media are badgering Priti Patel to use the law to send them back, but the number she has sent back over the years is minimal. Yet no one has mentioned the UN and the one world government our leaders and most of the globes leaders have signed up for, or the fact they where all told off last year for not doing enough preparations.

Not many years ago the UN released their Global migration compact. Our media was there to ask if we could ignore it. The UN official replied “you can try”. The wry smile that covered her face suggested we’d be wasting our time. 50 million could be on the move she said if you add up war torn countries and those suffering from Global warming or sea rise areas. Bangladesh is top of the list for sea damage and has been since time began.

Not long after the release of the compact they realised it needed financing or nobody would move, so they set up the Global finance compact to support it.

This morning on Talk Radio the question was asked “who’s financing it, somebody must be as all those boats cost money, and most of the people arriving couldn’t afford a boat. Somebody said we know who it is, but didn’t dare say who it was. It’s the UN and their quest for a global village and the end of nation states.

Whilst reading their goals you will see the word Stakeholders quite a few times.

Stakeholder Capitalism is on it’s way according to Mr Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum. He wrote a book on it, so is more than keen on the idea. 

Supporters of stakeholder capitalism believe that serving the interests of all stakeholders, as opposed to only shareholders, is essential to the long-term success and health of any business. Notably, they make the case for stakeholder capitalism being a sensible business decision in addition to being an ethical choice. It is the end of the “Trickle down theory” and excess profit as far as I can see.

The Business Roundtable released a statement a few weeks ago, endorsed by nearly 200 leading corporate CEOs, that called for a shift from shareholder capitalism to a “fundamental commitment to all of our stakeholders.” 

What will happen with the Shareholders of which there are many. In 2018 £1.88 trillion of UK shares were held. The biggest group of holders by far live in the rest of the world and not here.

Another sign is the recent announcement by Laurence Fink, the CEO of BlackRock that henceforth it would require its clients to be socially responsible“Society is demanding that companies, both public and private, serve a social purpose,” he wrote. It’s sounding like Socialism.

Soon the end of nation states currencies will usher in the digital currency all the banks are getting ready for. Today in the UK negative interest rates are being considered and £50 billion of Uk banknotes is apparently missing. It’s possibly abroad as I don’t think many have a shoebox under the bed anymore, as big portions of the population have no spare cash after a forced wage cut, no wage rises for years and ten years of Austerity, which Mr Cameron reckoned prepared us for Covid19/Sars2. Can anyone remember Sars one, it came here but did we notice, no.

All these stakeholders will be paid with a Bitcoin style of system, of which many are currently under test across the Globe.


Under the radar

Currently in the UK PCR tests are being used to screen the population for Covid19 even though the maker of the test said it can’t be used for screening as it gives to many false positives and negatives. So they are a waste of time and money.


There is much data about for Covid now as teams all over the globe start researching for answers. Vitamin D levels may turn you into a silent carrier by not allowing you to get a full dose.

Smoking can also affect the outcome. Some data suggests the Tobacco virus may play a part and other data says Nicotine itself may throw some switches. Data also shows a lower risk of developing inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s.

Data suggests that nicotine regulates the ACE2 enzyme pathway involved in the “cytokine storm syndrome”, which is a systemic inflammatory response in many COVID-19 patients with dire results.

Positive-stranded RNA tobacco virions are hollow rods around 300 nm in length and  18nm wide whilst positive-stranded RNA SARS-CoV-2 virus has a round crown-like appearance and a diameter of approximately 100 nm. How it works is unclear but others are looking at other ways of interfering with the link up.

One team has gone old school. The virus has been weakened either by chemicals or in the lab and injected/ inoculated, just like they did way back. A small weak dose will hopefully start anti body production.

Another team in Germany has snipped a bit off the receptor to act as a stone in the shoe, if it manages to latch on then the main bit won’t be able too.


ACE2 mediates both in infections by coronaviruses and influenza A, and could pose a higher level of infectivity for vaccinated individuals apparently.

This could explain the worsening of disease among the elderly with comorbidities, which are included among the high priority groups along with Diabetics and Asthma sufferers, for routine influenza vaccination by many national health authorities.

If confirmed, this observation would have implications for annual vaccination recommendations and policies, given the little impact on mortality rates that would have occurred during flu season had none of the elderly been vaccinated.

One randomized placebo controlled trial on children showed that flu shots increased five fold the risk of acute respiratory infections caused by a group of non influenza viruses such as Coronaviruses.

Military grade bio weapons.

Smokers, sunbathers, those that work outside and many others can possibly have Covid without showing symptoms or being ill. The larger this number of people is the quicker a virus can be moved  through the population unnoticed for weeks, which makes it an ideal weapon.

As wages have increased for Chinese Weavers, which has affected the cost of production, Italian garment manufacturers are bringing the industry back home along with Chinese workers. Travel between the two countries provided the perfect large scale dump of the virus.

Screening for the remains of a virus doesn’t tell you who’s got it. The only predictable result of widespread testing with PCR tests will be to create a bonanza for the manufacturers of the tests. Our current system provides nothing more than a guess which makes the whole thing a farce.

If we look at the rest of the political machine it’s just as farcical, the LibDem’s, Greens and Labour are all moaning about the lack of totally useless tests, and it’s even hit front page of the media.

We need an instant blood test that can say you’ve got antibodies or your carrying, or the left wing Professors that are currently running the UK’s covid response will keep us in lockdown for ever.


A load of

So lockdown was a waste of time.

I still think it’s a tool that is being used across the west to implement Agenda 2030 – The Big Reset.

They are hoping for lots of companies to fail as they want to cut the numbers they will be left to manage. The rest will have to jump through many hoops to survive. This will be like when we joined the EU all over again. Local tv had nightly pieces on irate bosses drowning under EU paperwork. Then they closed the company.

The oligarchs are making a dash for control and health will be a big part of it. They expect to make a lot of money out of it. Stakeholder capitalism is on its way and Mr Blair was on about that in his Singapore speech.

The Great reset from Spiro Skouras is worth a watch as it partly explains what’s going on. Pay attention to Mr Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum.


In May the media said “Donald Trump is taking hydroxychloroquine, though experts question it’s effectiveness”.

The WHO ran some tests by giving a toxic amount dose to the patients at 2400 mg and 9600 mg, who then died, so they stopped the tests and said it didn’t work. We now know at the right dose millions take it daily across the world for Malaria with no or little side effects. Overdose it and liver and heart problems develop. Long term use according to a Lancet report from a 900,000+ test base for Arthritis did show some cardiovascular mortality increases.

If your ever worried that your doctors prescription might be over dosing you can ask them to check on the British National Formulary. For hydroxychloroquine it says 200-400 mg.

Doctors have lost their posts and been ridiculed for saying their tests using 350 mg look promising.

In Belgium, off-label use of low-dose hydroxychloroquine (2400 mg in total over five days-480 mg) was recommended for hospitalized patients with COVID-19.

Recently numerous studies across the globe have had good results. It’s now a fact that it does help in some cases with the right doses. So the behaviour around this study by the WHO and the Centre for evidence based medicine in Oxford is now alarming. What were they playing at.


Rule of nine.

I’ve been conscious of my vitamin D levels since a foot problem developed and my best friend the dog died. The two together have restricted my trips down to the riverbank and my immune system must have sunk, and then covid arrived.

Recent tests have shown that lower levels of vitamin D lower the effectiveness of your immune system especially for chest complaints  like the flu and Covid and Influenza.

I already knew that so I’ve been taking some daily since my dog died until Summer started. A medical person said he takes half his daily dose if he spends the day in the allotment because we don’t get much through glass in doors.


One very recent big test done in Israel is here.

Our skin is the best way of making it, but it requires us to be out in shorts and tee-shirts from something like April to October, for nine minutes a day around midday, sunny or not. A forty five degree angle on the sun is the best. The rest of the year you’ll have your legs covered but still need to show your arms and head to the sun around midday for nine minutes.

Your arm is worth nine points, four and a half a side, and so is a leg and your head. The midriff and chest and groin is worth eighteen, and the back and buttocks is also worth eighteen.

The effects of the sun on your skin decrease as your skin gets browner over summer. So any dark skinned person in the Northern Hemisphere will find it even harder to make enough unless they spend the majority of their life outside, and I’d be dubious if that would be enough. The same applies for those white skinned folk who are out in shorts before Mays out, by August their production is diminishing just from their newly acquired skin colour.With that in mind we can see why the dark skinned community have suffered with Covid right across the Northern hemisphere.

Norway, Sweden and Denmark fortify far more foods with vitamins than we do to in awareness of where they live and the available hours of Sunshine.


The rule of six.

It now illegal in the UK to meet up with more than six people. As far as trying to stop a virus goes this is the first serious attempt I’ve seen, but it’s a few months late as the pandemic ended around the end of April.


As far as pandemics go they have been decreasing in power since the Spanish flu and Cholera for numerous reasons including the warm period we have been in, and the increase in living standards.



covered demise

It’s some time ago that I heard Mr Farage say we may need to look at Insurance based health. I thought at the time we already pay national insurance towards our health and the vast majority pay in and use the system. It is not free at source though anymore as something’s you have to pay for. So what was he on about.

Some time before Nigel’s words the government handed over a chunk of our Health records to two huge Insurance groups in the City, so they could get working on the premiums. It was mentioned in the news as one was a bit dodgy but not much happened. Private data is free to interested partners. Just last year they gave a load to Amazon and others. So insurance based NHS is looming.

1_SWNS_PENROSE_POOL Dido and John Harding are now both linked to the anti NHS outfit the 1828 group according to the papers. They think Public health England should be scrapped and I’d agree with that but the rest of this groups ideas are about them being able to make money easier with less control. They are extreme pushers of the failed trickle down system. And probably supported freeing up the banks which caused the 2008 crash. These groups house extremists and can come from both sides. Dido is better known as the The Baroness Harding of Winscombe, so will have no problem paying the Insurance premium. They are Pig farmers and Horse riders. Cheltenham races is a favourite and she might even be a director. She was director of Talk talk when it was really really bad. Disgraced former Tory minister Priti Patel contributed a few articles to 1828. The home office apologised to Priti Patel for filling her local hotel with migrants from deepest darkest Africa, but no apologies for the rest of us. The wholesale barbequing of the nations communities and culture continues. This is an anomaly as this is unsustainable. 

London Zoo opened in 1828 and the Duke of Wellington was the PM and Catholics where allowed to hold office for the first time.

I asked my Doctor what she thought about this two tier Insurance system, her reply was roughly the same reply I have had from acquaintances. It will stop over eating was the number one, and you will have to pay for your mistakes was number two.  At no point has anyone started by thinking about those who have to pay in from birth. And who’s over eating anyway? I don’t know anybody. Ask any migrant what they think of our food prices, they stink.

There are those who have conditions from birth or might strike them down in their forties or much earlier. There are jobs you can do that disable you and there are things we eat that slowly poison us or break our teeth, and even the Sun can be deadly. Many will be expected to pay an increased premium from birth. The aim is to make money and risk will be the driving factor. What’s the risk of you being ill. Age, where were you born, what’s your diet, what’s your job, what do your genes look like, what class are you in, and on and on it goes. The Algorithm says you can’t afford the premium. What’s got to do with it. By chance many have done their family tree and can see the ailments that many on the branches have died from. Data, data and more data will be scanned and sectioned and become part of future algorithms who’s main aim is to make money for a few. Free data is like gold dust to them. Cancel all rights that others have over your records immediately, be aware that this can affect your benefits.

As we are currently being controlled by Corporate Technocrats I don’t sense any of it is truly for our benefit. So when they say the vaccine is free, it’s not, nothing is free. If we look at free trade there is a cost, freeing up borders shows a cost, and freeing up the banks definitely created a cost. The vaccine is free because its a new Science that failed in it’s normal channels to be accepted. So they are using Covid as the driver to force it through. At no point is it for our benefit. They hope by getting it accepted it will open up a goldmine. As you walk down the street the chip in your arm spies a protein that is the first sign of Cancer. A message pops up on your phone to warn you. Days later those who where in your proximity will also get a message if it was contagious.

Freeing up the medical profession has and will have further huge costs. It’s just a long line of freeness that we have carried the cost for, not them, as they have always reaped the profits.

500,000 volunteers are needed as this is deemed a good enough amount for a data block. In the past we tested for ten years and did blind testing as well by comparison. Yet further down the road it could affect their premium. Autism is a reaction to vaccines, how will their premium be worked out. Only recently many young girls died in India after a screwed up medical program. In Poland they tested one non covid vaccine on their homeless population. Sadly it was contaminated with some other disease and many died. The idea a vaccine could be  contaminated became the end of someone else’s career as she called for a sudden close down of the vaccine industry after they looked at the occurrences of contamination in 2011. So they jailed her rather than do much about the worries. Oddly today they are looking for the evidence a virus leaves behind, a RNA protein, they are not looking for the virus. Why is that, we keep hearing we must stop the virus but no one is looking for it.

The maker of the RNA test did say it couldn’t be used to trace an infectious disease, as it gives false positives in both camps. It’s a big shame the inventor is dead, as I’m sure he would be very very vocal at the moment.

I’m guessing those on benefits won’t be able to afford a new health insurance premium as unemployment benefit is no longer enough to live on. The aim is if you pay in one hundred a week you can withdraw 100 a week until it runs out. Currently the benefit system favours those who are fighting fit between the ages of twenty five and forty five as they will be able to afford the premium. Anyone else is being dumped in readiness. So they already have some idea on the premium. Meanwhile all those over 45 currently or soon to be unemployed might never get to work again.

This has been a forced cut back of small producers/companies, for Agenda 2021/30 sustainability requirements. We will even see some big ones disappear. But the list of small ones we won’t for a while and it will be huge. A one world government doesn’t want loads of companies or nations.

The big reset has a long way to go yet.


The great Dinghy sale.

It started when Nigel Farage appeared in the Channel on a fishing boat videoing the French Navy escorting economic migrants into British waters. The British people need to see this he said. The media swung into action to downplay the video. Then he arrives at Dover, look at this he says as they get loaded onto buses. Yesterday they arrested someone for doing the same thing. Then he’s appearing outside hotels that are fully booked for months. We hear Serco and others have been awarded the contract worth millions so their share price went up 6%.

Meanwhile in the media the left are trying to turn it into a day out for all the family and the Police show the mountain of dinghy’s they’ve collected. Perhaps soon the shed will be so full a huge dinghy sale will have to be arranged.

Then we find out they are spread around the country in four star hotels and get taken on days out to Liverpool football club. Sensing the publics anger Priti said she’s annoyed with the French and is going to have words, as we’ve already paid them a mountain of millions for help with these problem.

Yesterday Priti Patel said she’s sending in the Navy and I thought wow more millions, and what are our Navy going to be doing exactly, and will the BBC be there to see it. I asked her this immediately and reminded her of Teresa Mays treasonous act of singing us up for the UN’s Global Migration Pact in 2018, in case she and the rest of the government have forgotten, because they haven’t mentioned it yet. It’s definitely not the French’s fault.

May didn’t have to sign it as the United States, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Israel didn’t, and Austria, Bulgaria, Italy, Latvia and Romania, and Slovakia didn’t vote. Italy not voting was odd and I’m guessing most of the UN live in Austria.

On the news in 2018 a reporter asked the lady from the UN if we could say no and with a wry smile she said you won’t stop it. An estimated 50 million will be on the move they said due to the climate and war, which is interesting as the climate can affect how you cope with viruses especially if your miles away from home in a foreign climate. Luckily they set up a Global finance pact to back up the idea.  If we read the document it makes illegal migration legal. And it is against the law to put any barrier in their way. So my message to Priti Patel said don’t waste money on the Navy, pay the French to close the boat shops as it will be much cheaper.

We can now see the Green and Labour MP’s suggesting proper routes need to be set up as the Channel is dangerous for children. So the gangs of fighting fit men will be coming on the Eurostar soon. There are reports of family members being flown in, but looking at most of these men they come from deepest darkest Africa, so I can’t imagine much plucking takes place. I’m guessing Lebanon will be on the move soon after they’ve brought down the government. A call has gone out for the global community not to give the corrupt governors any money as they will do a Clinton on it and siphon it away. The youth have been taught how the system works at school and a fightback was in operation, but I can’t see any winners yet.

The idea is much the same as WW1, a mass levelling, wealth distribution and asset destruction has to take place, luckily this time without bombs, as they want to remove Envy from society, as they think it’s the cause of all angst. Oddly documents signed in the Nuremburg trials about injecting people are about to be ignored. 

In reality corrupt capitalism is the reason for everyone’s angst in every capitalist country. It’s no different in the communist countries as they are riddled with corruption also.

With that in mind a corrupted New world order is better than lots of individual ones in their books.

The mass migration is so the idea of a original community is removed. The EU was a blueprint for a bigger vision. They want everyone to feel they are part of a very small group in a Global village, so they have no voice and therefore no power. I have already seen the signs out in the community of people thinking they are a minority. Sadly the only winners in this game are descendants of those who did well out of WW1.

The media is pumping the line out that the migrants are rushing because of Brexit, in reality it will take longer than a few months and will continue until the job is complete Brexit or no Brexit. We haven’t seen those who will be forced out of their homes by a media hyped climate event, yet.

If we remember millions didn’t gain in the last global levelling exercise and i don’t see the Immigrants being brought up to our living standards anytime soon. So as I heard the word compromise yesterday, i’m expecting a lot of compromising to take place some time soon.

Now then, when’s that Dinghy sale on.



We must have open borders and free movement of workers, free trade, we must deregulate the banks. ok.

The 2008 crash was caused by deregulating the banks and we had to pay for it

Not long after we saw the signs that big pharmacy wanted deregulating as well. We can see the vaccine companies in the UK are currently asking the government for indemnity as they don’t want to be prosecuted if everyone dies four years later.

Back in 2015 a Science journalist flagged up some worries about the Ebola vaccine being contaminated with Swine flu. Another female, this time a Doctor was doing research on the birth of Autism and other recent additions and one thing kept popping up, Mouse dna. How did all these samples have mouse dna in them. She worked out it could only be from vaccines.

If we look at how vaccines are made, the virus is passed between different animals from Ferrets to Apes. They hope each animal will alter a switch on the virus so in the end they can give it to us, and hope it only provides antibodies. Her research showed that bits of all the animals code can be found in the vaccine. As far as she was concerned the vaccine industry should be closed down immediately until they worked out the dangers of this.

When she took her finding to industry leaders, it set off a chain of events that saw her jailed for a made up charge and her life and her career was ruined. The name Fauci featured heavily in her demise.

The Science journalist Jane Burgermeister ended up hiding in a Monastery for over a year as her life is in danger. She has filed criminal complaints with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) against the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN), the United States government, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and several medical and pharmaceutical laboratories, most notably Baxter. The complaint accuses the organizations and their representatives of committing several felonies in connection with Bioterrorism, with the attempted genocide, mass murder, the coercion of the constitutional bodies, high treason, and other charges.

Baxter had made some vaccines which were contaminated with Avian flu, and sent them to several European countries, provoking these governments to open another investigation into Baxter for possible criminal negligence, and prompting Jane Burgermeister to file criminal charges against Baxter and its Austrian distributor Avir Green Hills Biotechnology for Bioterrorism.

Currently without any scientific basis, which is supposed to be the glue unifying the global epidemic response, there is just authoritarian, arbitrary measures, resulting in economic havoc and collapsing public confidence. The decline is deeper than the 1930’s trough and it only took a month, were as the 30’s trough took a few years.

Both of these ladies would say this outbreak was planned and seeing as Covid has never been synthesized we can’t say it even exists. The basic method of working with a virus outbreak has been ignored on purpose. Natural health England said don’t bother synthesizing it. Why would they say that as it’s a standard scientific goal. Synthesize it so it’s there in its naked form with no other attachments so we all get to see it. This current crop of vaccines being made do not follow traditional lines, this is untested new technology..

The Lockstep document is a carbon copy of what it looks like outside today, It’s been there  to read since 2010 on the Rockefeller Lockstep webpage.  It’s a chilling read.

In September 2019 the repo market showed unusual action, looking back down the cycle it was the same in 2008 just before the crash. Huge sums of money where on the move. I started stocking the freezer.

In October 2019 we had the Event 201 where leaders discussed how to deal with a pandemic or so we thought. The media only mentioned it in passing in a little box, just like they had with the Poll tax announcement.

Two months later they let the virus loose. if you’d nipped along to the World economic forum webpage as Covid appeared a 30 page spread about covid was there to peruse. How did they construct the pages so quick, or did they already have it written.

A large chunk of people are aware of Agenda 2021 and 2030, depopulation, removal of people from the countryside, smart cities, measured food and water, micro housing. I can already see Architecture students are already working on micro housing. It was interesting to see them baulk at the covid outbreak in China, perhaps close living wasn’t that safe, oh erm best ignore that.

ID2020 identification, shows us exactly what they have planned for us. We saw the app yesterday that will allow you to fly. We also saw a bracelet that you load a blood sample into it and if your clear a green light comes on and you can go shopping. As for injecting a traceable gadget, that’s already in test mode.

This is the age they intended to get a grip on our health and the planets, but they need to be deregulated to achieve it. We should be more than alarmed.

It’s time for us to visit the Nuremburg trials and print out the document that says no one has the right to inject us with anything against our will. Yet Mr Hancock says it will be mandatory.

Already in some supermarkets those who can’t wear a mask have to pick up a lanyard before shopping, lt’s to protect  them against the mask police apparently.

In the media we hear many new cases, a bubble has burst. How many are ill and how many die should be the number we are worried about not how many cases they find because the PCR test gives false positives because it’s looking for RNA strings and most of us will already have some. The test isn’t particular and it shouldn’t be used to track infectious diseases according to the inventor. So Mr Hancock an explanation please. Any inquiries into why basic Science isn’t being followed get a waffle reply.

Currently there is a petition running put forwards by Piers Corbyn at the government. Show proof of Covid immediately or cancel all the covid legislation. Currently we have a pc generated picture of it and all those with Electron microscopes who had samples in their hands never took a shot of it and have only given lame reasons as to why they didn’t.

No matter where you look the stench of corruption hangs in the air.

One group who might get to the bottom of this is the EU. They are badgering China to let them in but this is eight months too late and China threw away the first samples so the source is lost.

If your house is filling with water do you put a raincoat on first or turn the stopcock off.

If a deadly military grade virus is supposedly on the loose, do you walk around for nine months with a sock on your face,or jump on the source as a matter of urgency.

What ever is on the loose doesn’t affect many under 45 but we’ll never know the true figures as every death has been put down as Covid,so at some time they have to explain where all the other deaths that normally happen have gone.

Consider why the government has demanded this, it’s aim is to heighten our worries. It’s worked as many on the street walk around like all those without a mask on are infected and deadly.

She advances towards me with her pointy finger “people like you are killing old people”. I raise my hand to hold her back, “don’t come any closer i’ve got bad wind, sprouts”. She recoils in horror, I quickly squeeze past her huge midriff as she shouts “dirty bastard, dirty bastard”.

Boris is no longer our leader, the pseudo science team that sit behind him are running the country and who controls them? now we have to choose between keeping schools open or the pubs.

There is no correlation or sense to this idea, this is pure mind games. You want the kids back to school don’t you, you do don’t you, you do don’t you.


This pathogen is  volume dependant. If you pick up a micro amount you will be micro ill or not ill at all. Do not forget that we have been here for years and our body has it’s own defences. Keep up-to-date with your Vitamin D and wash your hands if you’ve been out near surfaces. If your not ill do not wear a mask.

Snitch culture.

I can hear my neighbour coughing, I must phone the covid helpline and report him. A team comes round and puts a big sticker on his door that spells death and he’s told to stay in for two weeks. In reality he didn’t have covid, he had a bit of flaky pastry stuck in his throat.

You’ve had a stressfull morning and your late for your meeting. You rush towards the bus, the driver points a fever gun at your head and an alarm goes off. Men in Hazmat suits turn up and cart you off.

Has  there been any autopsies on anybody that’ died, no they are probably too infectious, it’s way to dangerous, oh ok, erm couldn’t you do it in a bio lab, hello couldn’t you.

lets not forget the speech from the US official Pompeo? “we are in a live exercise” and in the background we can see and hear Trump say “I wish you’d told us”. That was early in January.

We are being experimented with, on a grand scale, yet most haven’t noticed a thing.

The world is suffering from a massive delusion based on the belief that a test for RNA is a test for a new deadly virus that came from Bats in China. But there is no evidence to support the Bat idea or that PCR RNA tests can find a infectious disease, especially as the inventor says they can’t.

There is a huge school of thought that says pollution in China and cities in Italy played a massive part in the deaths and this was just another flu outbreak and lockdown was the worse thing you could have done. I agree as a trough deeper than the 30’s is rapidly approaching and it’s not our fault.

At every juncture the government has put a stop on any inquiry into the current goings on as they are too crooked for general viewing or understanding.

With such a large outbreak we need a global government to control it.

The same applies to the climate. Where in our history is there any evidence of CO2  causing run away Global warming, nowhere. But many will shout at you that you are causing the planet to burn. The planets on fire we need a global government.

So this is a live experiment to finish off the install of a one world Government and our leaders can’t do much about it as even Trump was kept out of the loop.

Africans are already voicing concern “Mr Gates we don’t want to be your vaccine guinea pigs”.

As for the Pandemic how many hospitals are empty and by empty I mean empty. Lone warriors are visiting hospitals and videoing the empty corridors in huge Hospitals here and across the west. Yet there is supposed to be a pandemic but most are on lockdown so what do they know.

Apparently singing and speaking is deadly. With that in mind we all need to become news stands, dig out your deepest truth and pass it on to as many as possible.

“this is a live exercise”.


Riding the cycle to the Gulag

With Marxists now appearing on the TV weekly, Mr Marx, Juglar, Kondratiev, Kuznet, and Kitchin in particular has suddenly reappeared into my thoughts, as I keep hearing the words new normal and great reset. The great reset sounds like the sort of thing Stalin might have been in charge of.

Nikolai Kondratiev studied economics and he had the idea that all things run in cycles, just like the planet. So one day he publishes his papers that show a wave of boom and bust. With so many people to control any mastery of these waves could change things for the better they thought. They wrote many plans, the five year plan, the six year plan etc. Millions died from starvation. China tried much the same and millions died there. Natural cycles can not be adjusted by the ideologies of man.

In 1925 he published his book The Major Economic Cycles and the world ran with that until Maynard Keynes arrived. He said that capitalist economies were subject to spontaneous and recurrent depressions and recoveries.  In Kondratiev’s Paper on the Notion of Economic Statics, Dynamics and Fluctuations, published in 1924, his conclusions were as follows.

1. Prosperity years were most common in the capitalist economies during upswing periods.

2. Agriculture suffered more and long depressions than did industry during price downswings

3. Major technological innovations were conceived in downswing periods but were developed in upswing periods

4. Gold supply increased, and new markets were opened at the beginning of an upswing

5. The most extensive and devastating wars occurred during periods of an upswing.

He noted that in the long term capitalist ideas are sustainable. So he was executed in 1938 for working that out after many years in the Gulag as it wasn’t what the Russian leaders wanted to hear. The cycle lasts around 50/60 years or an average life time. Who’s lifetime was used at the start and why? In reality the cycle was one of prices as he was an economist. High prices have always started wars after the following depression, unless your name is Blair. So after high prices on his wave is depression and war.

All Fiat currencies are currently printing money and lots of it, inflation and price rises and depression will follow unless they’ve got some other limitless money trick we haven’t seen.

Uk debt started to rise rapidly in 1973/4, immediately after joining the EEC which wasn’t the only cause. In 1971 money had become limitless and like everything else it wasn’t for our benefit, but some joined in tempted by the Bulls eye glass in the doors. So todays personal debt levels would make my Grannies generation weep, yet the figures are never mentioned on the tv anymore as they are out of most peoples comprehension.

I think by 1974 the main stream media had been totally corrupted into a Propaganda machine that has worked against the public.

The rise in Debt paused briefly under Labour, but hasn’t stopped rising rapidly since. How anyone can have the idea that the Tories are good with money is a total mystery, they are criminal opportunists at best.

Kondratiev would be shocked to see them printing money during a Kondratiev winter. Excessive debt is normally got rid off during the winter of the final down tick, but the debt is so high now there is no way out, bar a new normal or a total reset and a new currency. I will forgive you for thinking Covid 19 was planned to force the reset as Occupy Wall Street and Extinction Rebellion and BLM, hadn’t frightened the system enough. Behind them all are trained Marxists and they are proud of the fact, they are desperate to correct the curve. We’ll introduce a global scare to cripple your system so you have to comply, has always been an option.

So by 2025 many lines converge for the financial sector. I’m expecting the FED and all Fiat currencies to be in the bin. We will already have had the war on the streets to lead up to a massive depression, and actual war won’t be far away.

I saw the look on my economics teachers face in 1971/2 as he said. They’ve made money limitless, Keynes has failed so they are trying to alter the cycle by false means. All of you I’d guess will see the results of this madness.

So now I can watch Russian Boris and his cohorts of Scientists and mad professors, as they manage the end of this failed system without giving too much away. They keep mentioning The Science but there is no such thing.

Todays headline in the Daily Fail reads “all over 50’s to be locked down” as apparently the Bubble has burst. The bubble was probably generated from corrupted code so could easily burst at will. Is it Peer reviewed code and who where the peers as the whole idea is corrupted. An hour earlier the headline said “get ready to lose more freedoms” like a rolling Billboard.

Meanwhile thousands of migrants picked up at Dover are housed in luxury hotels with free food, health and dental care. Serco and Mears have been given ten year contracts to manage the problem. These hotels are fully booked into the future. The cost is paid for with that limitless money they invented in 1971. The media is in uproar, how dare you Mr Farage show this to the public, we thought we had it under wraps. How much has this cost already. How many boats are being collected, whens the boat sale going to be. With a depression coming we don’t need extra workers do we?

All the money that’s been spent on forcing Global warming on the public, was financed from that limitless money. The reports of Sharks turning right handed and Polar bears dying out, was financed with that limitless money, just as buying the Council houses was and much much more.

All this Gender nonsense is financed with this limitless money. At some point the left will realise they have been used so some can make money from nothing. The idea it’s anything to do with the health of an individual is a facade. Limitless money has led to limitless corruption, as the idea is a corruption of any sort of reality.

All the Sciences have now been corrupted one by one, and a few have made lots of money whilst a few have been sacked in readiness for this age. This is the age they think they can take control of the globes health. As limitless money leads to a corrupted view on everything. Fat people by the way are doomed.

Limitless money hoped to find limitless oil, and limitless coal to keep the limitless lights glowing but peak oil was a few years back and many are banned from digging up anymore coal. The new normal is a reversal of this corruption, but it’s directed by the corrupted.

So Gulags we can already see in China as they try to change Muslims by shouting Pork at them daily. Yes the Left can have such wild ideas. Now in the UK teams can descend on an area or a company and quarantine everyone. How many are actually ill we will never know, but they are added to the spike. Meanwhile the death rate is on the floor. We haven’t had a spike to worry about since the Government told the hospitals to clear their beds in readiness to be over run, right across the West. The more you test affects the spike as was mentioned by Trump, so main stream media has rubbished the idea but the facts support him.

How come so many where infected immediately? How many Hospitals where over run. How easy was it for the Hospital to be over run as Limitless money only flows one way. Why is the test looking for RNA and not the virus. RNA is what was found in the lungs of a patient at the beginning. They are the by- product of some viruses. The current test says it can’t be used to track infectious diseases but our government says it can. The reality is false positives for many.

RNA, abbreviation of ribonucleic acid, complex compound of high molecular weight that functions in cellular protein synthesis and replaces DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) as a carrier of genetic codes in some viruses ( The chances of finding RNA in most people is high, but which virus left it. Nobody has Synthesized this supposed virus yet. But Synthesizing it is necessary if you want to study it and create a vaccine against it.

No body is allowed to visit hospitals so the Nurses are dancing in their free time. Meanwhile those at high risk like Asians and the elderly haven’t been protected with proper Science. This is Corporate Political Science. To stop a virus you need to find the source as soon as possible to stop the spread. Who in the last Seven months has been looking for the source with any conviction, or stopping the spread, not the UK. This isn’t Science. So we might have to wear goggles and gloves soon, as cases continue to flood into the country and that certainly isn’t how to stop a virus. Wear a mask, goggles and gloves you might as well wear a Hazmat suit and really set about stopping this virus at last.

“The British Army’s 77th Brigade is assisting the UK government in countering misinformation and disinformation surrounding the COVID-19”. This isn’t common knowledge apparently but it was Mays news. Anyone voicing concerns has been silenced but the word Coup was common. As people have been moved aside in the Sciences so have people in the Forces and Education and Health. Who decides what fake news is should be on everyone’s minds at this moment.

There is already a section of the population that would jump at a vaccine as they are extremely unstable around anyone without a face covering. I’ve yet to see any face covering in public that would stop a virus. In reality they give people a false sense of security so localised spikes are to be expected. Science says don’t wear a mask if your not ill, i’m not ill.

Mr Trump said he took Hydroxychloroquine so he’s protected. Some US doctors have said this week it provides protection if taken early. The corrupted limitless money system would like everyone to take their vaccine though. The fact a cheap over the counter all ready tested and approved drug possibly works, worries them. The same Doctors asked DR Fauci for a urine sample because they know he knows it works, as tests where done on it in 1996 when Covid was here before, so they reckon he will have taken it because he’s been pretty lapse with his mask wearing and a supposed top Doctor and all. Some say Mr Fauci is an out and out crook.


Meanwhile the WHO which is financed from the profits of the limitless money system says it doesn’t work, but many say their test was un Scientific to the max.  This is the same WHO that said it wasn’t very transmissible between humans while deaths where mounting up in China. This was so we wouldn’t be alarmed about Air travel. In reality I was alarmed and Air travel was used to infest major cities. The corrupted WHO even moaned at Trump for blocking flights from China. So Trump said he was defunding them as pedlars of false news and the limitless money system did it’s best to rubbish his action. The UK quickly paid them for all this fake info with some of their limitless money whilst the Trump furore continued.  Now main stream media reports that some of these Doctors have been sacked for mentioning Hydroxychloroquine. The 350 patients one of the Doctors said she has treated with Hydroxychloroquine have all survived, those with asthma who survived must be thankfull for her test results, as the media says these people are doomed apparently and at great risk. The reality could be much different in a data driven factual world. Like the Doctor said 350 and counting. If they don’t stop her continuing with the method and the test, I will be super surprised as this is a seriuos threat to their expected profit stream. She said hiccups was how she found Hydroxychloroquine. Back in 1996 some had suffered from hiccups from Covid and Hydroxychloroquine was used then. Her and her team all took some immediately with Zinc and another tablet once a fortnight, and all have survived working with infected patients. The story is much different everywhere else and in the UK we lost over a hundred health workers. But the media has done it’s best to remove her and the other Doctors passionate speeches from our gaze.

As is the norm with anything that threatens the limitless system, the main Doctors past in Africa has been dug up. No evidence of her practising her Spirit demon medicine here exists but that’s enough to say she’s a crackpot in main stream media. They hope the ridiculing will be enough to quell the disturbance to their message.

A vaccine, vaccine, vaccine.

Mr Bill Gates would be arrested if he ever set foot in India yet he appears on UK TV like he’s a virus expert. He has money in the BBC. They have a totally opposing view there. And we also should think that this is just another ruse to redistribute wealth into the pockets of a few. One in a long line of many, that many have said are a conspiracy theory, but it’s wearing a bit thin now.

Their aim always is to shrink the power of the group. What could divide family members and close down the last meeting places but a virus scare. Now we can’t even meet our family and face coverings detract from speaking.

We look at the BLM web site and the destruction of the nuclear family unit is a goal, so yes lets all take the knee for them, not.

Just imagine for a moment that limitless money hadn’t been enabled. Not a lot of the last forty years would have happened if the value of money was still important and fact based data driven Science was still king. Men would not be winning Women’s races for a start.

Since Covid arrived Elon Musk has set about filling the sky with thousands of low orbit Satellites that will be used to provide global internet and everyone and everything will be connected and all thanks to limitless money. This has currently trashed a lot of Telescopes use as they streak across the sky like train lines. This is a total disregard of true Science by the limitless money system. They have offered to paint one of the next ones Black to see if it helps. If it doesn’t then real planetary Science is in the bin along with millions of pounds of kit and especially for amateurs. And they really don’t care, such things can’t stand in the way of profit.  Many others are building up to launching thousands of their own. The data monitoring is going to be immense and we are the guinnea pigs, and goodbye Telescope use until they all come back to earth planned or not.

When Cameron and 160 of the other countries leaders signed us all up for Agenda 2021/30 on the orders of the UN a reset switch was thrown. We’ve seen small changes like Wind Turbines and Beavers and tests of public opinion as both are flawed Science.  Algorithms decide on which news to direct at which group so they can monitor the effect every morning in Facebook, fake or not. Masses are glued to this medium daily as it plays games with us by the second.

Just last year the UN warned all the leaders that they hadn’t done enough for the Agendas goals.

Everyone has to have the same outlook on life’s chances and be on the same level of financial footing for the plan to succeed. They reckon if they remove envy from society that life will be sweet, but we can presume life will still be sweeter for some, it’s just the numbers will be smaller. A universal currency is currently being tested by many including Facebook. Universal income has already been tested and will be installed. Todays youth will possibly be alive when the uptick cycle of the fifties and sixties, repeats itself with the new inventions of the day. I can’t for one minute imagine the period will be as appreciated for the same amount of freedom and I can’t imagine anyone writing a song about Freedom in the period either.

Sitting six foot apart in your local coffee shop does not remove envy or come anywhere near to achieving their goals, so there are more surprises to come and soon. The list of failed companies will fill the balance sheet, just from this six foot rule alone.

The majority of us are but passengers and can do nothing but comply as our current system is collapsed around us. The odd group might rebel against it but they are collapsing the current system no matter what. But there’s nothing going on it’s all a conspiracy.


Maybe, just maybe

May 9, 2020

70 Italian Autopsies suggest that COVID-19 is a Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (Pulmonary Thrombosis) "It is now clear that the whole world has been attacking the so-called Coronavirus Pandemic wrongly due to a serious pathophysiological diagnosis error. According to valuable information from Italian pathologists, ventilators and intensive care units were never needed.

Autopsies performed by the Italian pathologists have shown that it is not pneumonia but it is Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (Thrombosis) which ought to be fought with antibiotics, antivirals, anti-inflammatories and anticoagulants.

If this is true for all cases, that means the whole world is about to resolve this novel pandemic earlier than expected.

This information was released by a medical researcher from Italy:

“Thanks to 50 autopsies performed on patients who died of COVID-19, Italian pathologists have discovered that IT IS NOT PNEUMONIA, strictly speaking because the virus does not only kill pneumocytes of this type but uses an inflammatory storm to create an endothelial vascular thrombosis.”

In disseminated intravascular coagulation, the lung is the most affected because it is the most inflamed, but there is also a heart attack, stroke and many other thromboembolic diseases.

In fact, the protocols left antiviral therapies useless and focused on anti-inflammatory and anti-clotting therapies. These therapies should be done immediately, even at home, in which the treatment of patients responds very well.

If the Chinese had denounced it, they would have invested in-home therapy, not intensive care! So, the way to fight it is with antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and anticoagulants.

An Italian pathologist reports that the hospital in Bergamo did a total of 50 autopsies and one in Milan, 20, that is, the Italian series is the highest in the world, the Chinese did only 3, which seems to fully confirm the information.

In a nutshell, the disease is determined by disseminated intravascular coagulation triggered by the virus; therefore, it is not pneumonia but pulmonary thrombosis, a major diagnostic error.

Some world leaders doubled the number of resuscitation places in the ICU, with unnecessary exorbitant costs.

According to the Italian pathologist, treatment in ICUs is useless if thromboembolism is not resolved first. “If we ventilate a lung where blood does not circulate, it is useless, in fact, nine patients out of ten will die because the problem is cardiovascular, not respiratory.”

“It is venous micro thrombosis, not pneumonia, that determines mortality.”

Some Mexicans sufferers living in the US, took three 500gr Aspirins dissolved in lemon, drunk it hot and went to bed and woke up in the morning feeling fine.

Since the very beginning we have been told not to take Anti-inflammatories like Ibroprofen, there has even been discussions on the TV.

One thing is for certain, the loss of the State system in readiness for the globalists NWO has caused many deaths all over the world, as Private companies don’t stockpile anything, as they rely on their just in time delivery system instead.

Now they are rushing to implement Agenda 2020/30 for the Globalists, which in my book is what the whole scenario has been about, since the beginning.

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