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Boris is marching ahead with Agenda 21/30. He waffled on about saving the planet yesterday by re-wilding the South Downs and he said he’d spoke to the UN about his idea. I’m unsure why as it’s their policy that was signed by Cameron and over 160 other world leaders, yet he’s giving the impression its he’s idea. I can see why he uses the stage name Boris, he is acting on behalf of Globalists. The Globalists want Trump to win so cheap food can flood the market and what’s left of the NHS can be spirited away.

One headline said Britain will use it’s financial and diplomatic power to help save the planet. The plan is to re-wild 30% of the UK. Meanwhile the Amazon jungle is disappearing daily and 100,000 ancient trees are felled for HS2. This is the barmy green revolution they are delivering which is as screwy as their Covid preparations. Our current financial clout is over two Trillion pounds of debt. How much farm land will disappear under this plan isn’t for our benefit and food security will be further damaged, but it will help save the planet and you want to save the planet don’t you.

Holland’s attempt at rewilding saw animals dying on a barren landscape.

The Chancellor introduced the word viability in his recent speech, this will be used to clear these areas of housing and everything else as it’s not viable to live in a Safari park. We’ve all seen Jurassic Park and should not underestimate the madness of this plan. Housing in flood areas will no longer be viable. Many aren’t already as Insurance premiums can’t be paid. But this policy will remove all housing from areas the model says will flood in the future. There will be no compensation. We can expect letters from local councils saying under current regulations your house or company isn’t viable.

Companies that survive the Covid onslaught will be forced to comply with the agenda and all it’s regulations. It will be a replay of the period shortly after joining the EEC as companies closed by the hour and the jobless figure went through the roof.

Stakeholder Capitalism will hope to give the impression of inclusion as we’ll all have a stake but it will be worth nothing. The charlatans that have stripped the Magic Money Tree bare are about to compost it,  flip a big switch, and move on, when tech and the situation is right for them.

A lockdown not only bankrupts people and companies and reduces peoples savings, it delays the effects, as the virus doesn’t go away because we are hiding indoors, as the borders are still open and no one is looking for the source. So it appears again as soon as we re-emerge. They are looking for remains of any virus so up to 30% can be false readings in either direction. Which is why the maker said it can’t be used to track a virus outbreak, yet the UK  has been using it for months. Other tests are looking for Antibodies but we need to be looking for Tcells and carriers as antibodies have a short life and give limited immunity. Immunity from a vaccine in no way compares to the natural immunity we gain with Tcells.

Planning ahead the plans show high density habitation zones and Architect students are busy working on Dystopian hi-rise micro housing. I can see examples in my local City. Small windows ensure that you have a limited view and ingress of the sun.

Currently over 50,000 flats have the same cladding on as Grenfell tower had. They’ve had over six years to put it right but many haven’t. Those that reside in habitable zones like in Plymouth will be revamped but any others won’t be viable.

The oligarchs have got the poor to vote for the interests of the very rich and their ideology with massive lies and deceit and not just here at a level previously not seen. It happened in the USA, India, Australia, Brazil, Hungary, Turkey and Poland and the Philippines. This has been a worldwide effort to use social media to swing the vote in all these countries to make sure that everyone was on-board for the upcoming Agenda. Oddly no other leader is using a stage name like Boris.

We have to wonder how they could have implemented it without a virus, as they have been studying the plan for years.


Turkey twizzlers

After their recent launch Turkey twizzlers sold out across the UK, and I’ve yet to try them.

With Boris and the teams latest Covid conditions, Turkey twizzlers might be the right order for Christmas as we might all be sat on our own. Farmers fattening birds for Christmas will have to alter their diet rather quickly as nobody will want a 30 portion bird now.

Lord Sugar recently asked “What do others think, it’s not clear to me where covid came from.”

I hope he asks this question in the Lords and they do some research and release it like they did with their Migration report around 2008 which would cause an absolute storm at the moment if it was dragged of the shelf where the Tories buried it.

They won’t have to look far down the rabbit hole before they come across the name Dr Fauci from the USA, along wth the NIAID which he led. They funded the scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and other institutions, for work on gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses in 2019. $3.7 million over six years for research.

Gain of function involves manipulating viruses in the lab to explore their potential for infecting humans. Many Scientists have voiced their concerns along with a few media companies that documented the lab around 2014/ 15. Their concerns where the risk of starting a pandemic from accidental release.

So they paid $millions to enhance the ability of bat coronavirus to infect human cells and laboratory animals using techniques of genetic engineering.

The after effects of this has meant the closure of UK pubs at 22:00hrs 09/2020, and this new Lockdown with everyone confined to house arrest.

The Army, who can’t be used to defend our borders, have been called on to help the police suppress the people. The Great Reset must be on its way soon.

There is nothing like seeing the Army on the streets that says the country is open for business, not.

Some might say that the political system is no longer of any use as they never voted for any of this.

I can remember discussing the ditching politics scenario because it’s become useless by design, at school in 1972 as a prelude to handover to a non political system like the EU. I wonder if my Teachers where a bit ahead of the Rabbit hole in their day.

If Lord Sugar travels further down the hole the name Bill Gates and the BBC pops up, and some of those we see on the UK covid TV, nightly in Suites.

I think this is being used as a tool to implement Stakeholder Capitalism. First get rid of the Shareholders and the Companies that support them, but it might just be a side effect of Covid. How did they already have a new form of Capitalism waiting in the wings, if it wasn’t planned.


As soon as the Pandemic hit, the media started with the New Normal and the Big Reset. They all had it prepared, the websites where already designed. The mass satellite deployments planned months ahead. The whole damn thing has got plan written all over it.

It is now obvious that question and answers around Covid Science are no longer allowed. This is called dictating which means we are in a Dictatorship, and all opposition seems to be ok with that.

Finally Boris’s bum Brexit deal he triumphantly held aloft to swing the election has meant he might have to break International law to correct it. The only deal the EU where prepared to accept was one where they still have control, so he signed it and left. Did he know he couldn’t walk away with anything else, but also knew he could rewrite it in the house when needed.

Watching the Bills journey through the house it has been obvious that neither Scotland, Ireland or Wales are happy with it, as apparently it destroys devolution and is nothing more than a power grab.

For a moment I wondered what it would be like if Corbyn had won.



Why isn’t Sir Kier Starmer berating Boris Johnston about his policies, it’s possibly because he is in favour of the them. The government is being run on behalf of the socialist UN so all opposition is also on-board. We are definitely in a rush to adopt Agenda 2021/30,  so the quasi communist flavour of this current Tory farce is to be expected.

Mr Farage is often at Dover filming the migrants arriving in their boats. Quite a lot arrive overnight and leave wet clothes on the beach and disappear into the night.

Sections of the media are badgering Priti Patel to use the law to send them back, but the number she has sent back over the years is minimal. Yet no one has mentioned the UN and the one world government our leaders and most of the globes leaders have signed up for, or the fact they where all told off last year for not doing enough preparations.

Not many years ago the UN released their Global migration compact. Our media was there to ask if we could ignore it. The UN official replied “you can try”. The wry smile that covered her face suggested we’d be wasting our time. 50 million could be on the move she said if you add up war torn countries and those suffering from Global warming or sea rise areas. Bangladesh is top of the list for sea damage and has been since time began.

Not long after the release of the compact they realised it needed financing or nobody would move, so they set up the Global finance compact to support it.

This morning on Talk Radio the question was asked “who’s financing it, somebody must be as all those boats cost money, and most of the people arriving couldn’t afford a boat. Somebody said we know who it is, but didn’t dare say who it was. It’s the UN and their quest for a global village and the end of nation states.

Whilst reading their goals you will see the word Stakeholders quite a few times.

Stakeholder Capitalism is on it’s way according to Mr Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum. He wrote a book on it, so is more than keen on the idea. 

Supporters of stakeholder capitalism believe that serving the interests of all stakeholders, as opposed to only shareholders, is essential to the long-term success and health of any business. Notably, they make the case for stakeholder capitalism being a sensible business decision in addition to being an ethical choice. It is the end of the “Trickle down theory” and excess profit as far as I can see.

The Business Roundtable released a statement a few weeks ago, endorsed by nearly 200 leading corporate CEOs, that called for a shift from shareholder capitalism to a “fundamental commitment to all of our stakeholders.” 

What will happen with the Shareholders of which there are many. In 2018 £1.88 trillion of UK shares were held. The biggest group of holders by far live in the rest of the world and not here.

Another sign is the recent announcement by Laurence Fink, the CEO of BlackRock that henceforth it would require its clients to be socially responsible“Society is demanding that companies, both public and private, serve a social purpose,” he wrote. It’s sounding like Socialism.

Soon the end of nation states currencies will usher in the digital currency all the banks are getting ready for. Today in the UK negative interest rates are being considered and £50 billion of Uk banknotes is apparently missing. It’s possibly abroad as I don’t think many have a shoebox under the bed anymore, as big portions of the population have no spare cash after a forced wage cut, no wage rises for years and ten years of Austerity, which Mr Cameron reckoned prepared us for Covid19/Sars2. Can anyone remember Sars one, it came here but did we notice, no.

All these stakeholders will be paid with a Bitcoin style of system, of which many are currently under test across the Globe.



We must have open borders and free movement of workers, free trade, we must deregulate the banks. ok.

The 2008 crash was caused by deregulating the banks and we had to pay for it

Not long after we saw the signs that big pharmacy wanted deregulating as well. We can see the vaccine companies in the UK are currently asking the government for indemnity as they don’t want to be prosecuted if everyone dies four years later.

Back in 2015 a Science journalist flagged up some worries about the Ebola vaccine being contaminated with Swine flu. Another female, this time a Doctor was doing research on the birth of Autism and other recent additions and one thing kept popping up, Mouse dna. How did all these samples have mouse dna in them. She worked out it could only be from vaccines.

If we look at how vaccines are made, the virus is passed between different animals from Ferrets to Apes. They hope each animal will alter a switch on the virus so in the end they can give it to us, and hope it only provides antibodies. Her research showed that bits of all the animals code can be found in the vaccine. As far as she was concerned the vaccine industry should be closed down immediately until they worked out the dangers of this.

When she took her finding to industry leaders, it set off a chain of events that saw her jailed for a made up charge and her life and her career was ruined. The name Fauci featured heavily in her demise.

The Science journalist Jane Burgermeister ended up hiding in a Monastery for over a year as her life is in danger. She has filed criminal complaints with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) against the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN), the United States government, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and several medical and pharmaceutical laboratories, most notably Baxter. The complaint accuses the organizations and their representatives of committing several felonies in connection with Bioterrorism, with the attempted genocide, mass murder, the coercion of the constitutional bodies, high treason, and other charges.

Baxter had made some vaccines which were contaminated with Avian flu, and sent them to several European countries, provoking these governments to open another investigation into Baxter for possible criminal negligence, and prompting Jane Burgermeister to file criminal charges against Baxter and its Austrian distributor Avir Green Hills Biotechnology for Bioterrorism.

Currently without any scientific basis, which is supposed to be the glue unifying the global epidemic response, there is just authoritarian, arbitrary measures, resulting in economic havoc and collapsing public confidence. The decline is deeper than the 1930’s trough and it only took a month, were as the 30’s trough took a few years.

Both of these ladies would say this outbreak was planned and seeing as Covid has never been synthesized we can’t say it even exists. The basic method of working with a virus outbreak has been ignored on purpose. Natural health England said don’t bother synthesizing it. Why would they say that as it’s a standard scientific goal. Synthesize it so it’s there in its naked form with no other attachments so we all get to see it. This current crop of vaccines being made do not follow traditional lines, this is untested new technology..

The Lockstep document is a carbon copy of what it looks like outside today, It’s been there  to read since 2010 on the Rockefeller Lockstep webpage.  It’s a chilling read.

In September 2019 the repo market showed unusual action, looking back down the cycle it was the same in 2008 just before the crash. Huge sums of money where on the move. I started stocking the freezer.

In October 2019 we had the Event 201 where leaders discussed how to deal with a pandemic or so we thought. The media only mentioned it in passing in a little box, just like they had with the Poll tax announcement.

Two months later they let the virus loose. if you’d nipped along to the World economic forum webpage as Covid appeared a 30 page spread about covid was there to peruse. How did they construct the pages so quick, or did they already have it written.

A large chunk of people are aware of Agenda 2021 and 2030, depopulation, removal of people from the countryside, smart cities, measured food and water, micro housing. I can already see Architecture students are already working on micro housing. It was interesting to see them baulk at the covid outbreak in China, perhaps close living wasn’t that safe, oh erm best ignore that.

ID2020 identification, shows us exactly what they have planned for us. We saw the app yesterday that will allow you to fly. We also saw a bracelet that you load a blood sample into it and if your clear a green light comes on and you can go shopping. As for injecting a traceable gadget, that’s already in test mode.

This is the age they intended to get a grip on our health and the planets, but they need to be deregulated to achieve it. We should be more than alarmed.

It’s time for us to visit the Nuremburg trials and print out the document that says no one has the right to inject us with anything against our will. Yet Mr Hancock says it will be mandatory.

Already in some supermarkets those who can’t wear a mask have to pick up a lanyard before shopping, lt’s to protect  them against the mask police apparently.

In the media we hear many new cases, a bubble has burst. How many are ill and how many die should be the number we are worried about not how many cases they find because the PCR test gives false positives because it’s looking for RNA strings and most of us will already have some. The test isn’t particular and it shouldn’t be used to track infectious diseases according to the inventor. So Mr Hancock an explanation please. Any inquiries into why basic Science isn’t being followed get a waffle reply.

Currently there is a petition running put forwards by Piers Corbyn at the government. Show proof of Covid immediately or cancel all the covid legislation. Currently we have a pc generated picture of it and all those with Electron microscopes who had samples in their hands never took a shot of it and have only given lame reasons as to why they didn’t.

No matter where you look the stench of corruption hangs in the air.

One group who might get to the bottom of this is the EU. They are badgering China to let them in but this is eight months too late and China threw away the first samples so the source is lost.

If your house is filling with water do you put a raincoat on first or turn the stopcock off.

If a deadly military grade virus is supposedly on the loose, do you walk around for nine months with a sock on your face,or jump on the source as a matter of urgency.

What ever is on the loose doesn’t affect many under 45 but we’ll never know the true figures as every death has been put down as Covid,so at some time they have to explain where all the other deaths that normally happen have gone.

Consider why the government has demanded this, it’s aim is to heighten our worries. It’s worked as many on the street walk around like all those without a mask on are infected and deadly.

She advances towards me with her pointy finger “people like you are killing old people”. I raise my hand to hold her back, “don’t come any closer i’ve got bad wind, sprouts”. She recoils in horror, I quickly squeeze past her huge midriff as she shouts “dirty bastard, dirty bastard”.

Boris is no longer our leader, the pseudo science team that sit behind him are running the country and who controls them? now we have to choose between keeping schools open or the pubs.

There is no correlation or sense to this idea, this is pure mind games. You want the kids back to school don’t you, you do don’t you, you do don’t you.


This pathogen is  volume dependant. If you pick up a micro amount you will be micro ill or not ill at all. Do not forget that we have been here for years and our body has it’s own defences. Keep up-to-date with your Vitamin D and wash your hands if you’ve been out near surfaces. If your not ill do not wear a mask.

Snitch culture.

I can hear my neighbour coughing, I must phone the covid helpline and report him. A team comes round and puts a big sticker on his door that spells death and he’s told to stay in for two weeks. In reality he didn’t have covid, he had a bit of flaky pastry stuck in his throat.

You’ve had a stressfull morning and your late for your meeting. You rush towards the bus, the driver points a fever gun at your head and an alarm goes off. Men in Hazmat suits turn up and cart you off.

Has  there been any autopsies on anybody that’ died, no they are probably too infectious, it’s way to dangerous, oh ok, erm couldn’t you do it in a bio lab, hello couldn’t you.

lets not forget the speech from the US official Pompeo? “we are in a live exercise” and in the background we can see and hear Trump say “I wish you’d told us”. That was early in January.

We are being experimented with, on a grand scale, yet most haven’t noticed a thing.

The world is suffering from a massive delusion based on the belief that a test for RNA is a test for a new deadly virus that came from Bats in China. But there is no evidence to support the Bat idea or that PCR RNA tests can find a infectious disease, especially as the inventor says they can’t.

There is a huge school of thought that says pollution in China and cities in Italy played a massive part in the deaths and this was just another flu outbreak and lockdown was the worse thing you could have done. I agree as a trough deeper than the 30’s is rapidly approaching and it’s not our fault.

At every juncture the government has put a stop on any inquiry into the current goings on as they are too crooked for general viewing or understanding.

With such a large outbreak we need a global government to control it.

The same applies to the climate. Where in our history is there any evidence of CO2  causing run away Global warming, nowhere. But many will shout at you that you are causing the planet to burn. The planets on fire we need a global government.

So this is a live experiment to finish off the install of a one world Government and our leaders can’t do much about it as even Trump was kept out of the loop.

Africans are already voicing concern “Mr Gates we don’t want to be your vaccine guinea pigs”.

As for the Pandemic how many hospitals are empty and by empty I mean empty. Lone warriors are visiting hospitals and videoing the empty corridors in huge Hospitals here and across the west. Yet there is supposed to be a pandemic but most are on lockdown so what do they know.

Apparently singing and speaking is deadly. With that in mind we all need to become news stands, dig out your deepest truth and pass it on to as many as possible.

“this is a live exercise”.


Nudge, nudge

Governments are using behavioural change and ‘nudge‘ theory to the degree to which an individual behaves for the benefit of society. In other words they are using psychological warfare.

The Behavioural Insights Team – also known as the Nudge Unit – is now a social purpose company. It is partly owned by the Cabinet Office, employees and Nesta.

Nesta-We bring bold ideas to life to change the world for good.

“If correctly utilised and well executed, it has the potential to drastically alter the level of trust among citizens, thereby changing the nature of the ‘government–citizen’ relationship forever.” What if it’s not?

The idea gained traction across the globe after the United States and the United Kingdom mainstreamed it by establishing “nudge” units.

They hope a nudge to pay taxes timely and rightfully this year can set a new benchmark for compliance, as people become more willing to contribute despite their economic hardships.

In reality it will mean all taxes/money can be deducted before you get your hands on your money. If it leaves you short on food then tough.

This is a direct psychological attack. The Conservative Government masquerading as Corporate Marxists have used the media to frighten the public so badly, that Charities are saying mental health problems are on the increase, and many don’t feel safe at all.

Whilst we’ve been locked down, the Government has set about re-structuring at speed, and no way did it want to reopen the country just yet. They keep mentioning the New Normal which we’ve seen a bit of already. Men can now be women apparently, Gender is now as fluid as water and Co2 is supposedly warming the planet for the first time in our history.

Here is part of the leaked document.


So why reopen schools, care homes, coal fired power stations? don’t reopen any of them, they are garbage. Wow!

It goes on to say

If the Government is going to spend £240 billion and increase the debt by seven times, what is the point of re-opening a Technology that will be dead in ten years time. So take the £240 billion and re-invent society, because we will never get this opportunity in our lifetime again.

So they want to close between 50/60% of all businesses and restructure society. I can’t for one minute think this is for our benefit at all. What it looks like to me is a rush towards Agenda 2020/30.

A side benefit of closing 50/60% of businesses will be the amount of people who drop a financial class or more. The aim eventually is for everyone to be at the same level of poorness. Agenda 2030 says remove envy from society. Seeing as its been written by Corporate Marxists, see that in its broadest effects, and hope if you’ve got Ginger hair that many don’t get envious of it.

Coercion, the practice of forcing another party to act in an involuntary manner by use of threats or force. Will be used to keep many in lockdown for months.


I thought Bill Gates would be involved and this graphic shows he’s heavily involved. So all those gatherings of antivaxers that are popping up will soon feel the full effects of a Government, that is set on an Agenda driven by Bill Gates and the UN that they readily signed up for with the help of David Cameron. The media will be used to get one section of society to shout down the antivaxers and make them feel like criminals, or.

One of the Documents shows Bill hopes for a return on his investments of 78%.

Bill is also heavily promoting a Digital currency system that uses body activity data. So if your hyperactive you should do well out of it. If your a cripple then less so.

The document –WO/2020/060606 released on 26/03/2020


Human body activity associated with a task provided to a user may be used in a mining process of a crypto currency system. A server may provide a task to a device of a user which is communicatively coupled to the server. A sensor communicatively coupled to or comprised in the device of the user may sense body activity of the user. Body activity data may be generated based on the sensed body activity of the user. The crypto currency system communicatively coupled to the device of the user may verify if the body activity data satisfies one or more conditions set by the crypto currency system, and award crypto currency to the user whose body activity data is verified.

Bills Magnum Opus project hopes to assign every living person with a Digital signature.

Animal farm has come to reality, just as George Orwell knew it would.


Goodbye Banking

I haven’t used a bank like some do since my Bank manager Fred retired. The new tick box system that took over from him didn’t like me, and that altered my life and my thoughts on Banking and tick box systems for life. That was over 30 years ago. The 2008 crash caused by Banks put many on shaky ground, Covid19 will see their balance sheet dwindle, just as the Middle classes will. Who was it who said they couldn’t wait to see the middle classes be brought down, as though it was definitely going to happen, Blair or Campbell spring to mind.

It is easy for myself to say it’s all been planned. I have a list in my head a mile long of things that when mentioned have had the reply, that will never happen. You can imagine a Global currency in the 70’s was unthinkable. You can imagine the idea that Men could be winning Women’s Cycle races in 1985 was totally unthinkable, along with Drag artists in junior school class rooms. You can imagine the idea of Mosques everywhere was totally unthinkable in 1972, and the list goes on.

The year 2030 seems to be a goal as it’s mentioned regularly. The world was going to end in eleven years in 2019 by burning up, yet it’s been cooling since 2016. Agenda 2021/2030 as far as some are concerned are inhuman, but they are being implemented daily, bit by bit, right across the globe.

5G is being installed as their Global control system, everything will be connected to the Internet of things. In the wild rush to install it, any bad effects from a wavelength close to being called a weapon, will be ignored. Birds falling from the sky dead, that’s caused by a reflection off wet roads says the Government, but it’s not wet. They gathered in the sky then landed in a tree en mass, then fell to the floor dead, only one or two lived on for a few seconds. It was a public area, not a road. I’ve only seen one video on a road, dead Ducks and Pheasants along a tree lined road and that wasn’t wet either.

Wuhan was the first City in the world to have 5G. Some in China are now cutting down masts in their area but why is unclear.

Nasa said the lowest sunspot numbers might be in 2030. It could be time for skating on the Thames again. If that is the case then crop losses will be through the roof, and banking would also be frozen.

Wondering how they could implement a Global currency has been a regular thought until I read Agenda 2021 sustainability. Such devastation of the current system can be used to implement anything, look at what’s been implemented during the Covid period.

Some years ago I heard that Facebook was looking into a Blockchain system, it’s now official and its called Libra, and it looks like they are going full steam ahead. I’m waiting to see how many Libras you get for the Pound. Take into account this isn’t a bank, we are dealing with pale faced Corporate Marxists. We’ll probably find the Pound is worth nothing, and anyone who complains is a misogynistic racist flat earther.



The road to Grenfell

There are many routes, this is my route.

In 1938,  Liberalism was on the wane and some people thought a new direction was needed for the world. A conference was set up in Paris called The Walter Lippmann Colloquium, it’s aim was to  construct a new Liberalism as a rejection to Socialism and Laissez-Fare Liberalism. Twenty six men of like minds attended. They where reading Lippmann’s book, An Enquiry into the Principles of the Good Society. The term Neo Liberalism (free market capitalism), was first thought of by Alexander Rustow at this meeting. Among the delegates were two men who came to define the ideology, Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek. Both exiles from Austria, they saw social democracy, exemplified by Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal and the gradual development of Britain’s welfare state, as manifestations of a collectivism that occupied the same spectrum as nazism and communism. I first learnt of it in 1973 in my GCSE History lesson, where the Socialist teacher in his hand knitted oversize jumper painted a grim picture of what was to come.

This Right wing Ideological fringe movement would be classed as obscure for many, until the arrival of Mrs Thatcher and Ronald Reagan and even then I don’t remember it being mentioned, as they would prefer it if  could be sneaked in, bit by bit, hoping its too late by the time you’ve noticed. Heath had started the attack on Unions some time before Thatcher’s arrival and her 84/85 Miners strike. The result a message to us all and a resurgence of the power of capital, over labour.

Callaghan had ditched Keynesian economics in 1976. Howe in 81 had 364 economists telling him his budget was all wrong, it was to bury Keynesian economics for ever. The removal of exchange controls meant travellers no longer had a £50 foreign travel limit. For business it was the free movement of money and investments abroad. But this also is part of the Neo Liberalism way of thinking. Small state and less regulation. Banks did well with high interest rates, but the workers didn’t, with high fuel costs and a rise in National Insurance, increases in Tobacco and Alcohol duties. It was the first Austerity budget I had known.

Personally it was the first attack on my wages. Men in suites stood around with clipboards watching people work, timing, recording. In the months that followed my prices went down. Things got Privatised Nationally. Add in the higher taxes and national insurance and a lot of us buggered off to Germany and beyond. I was on the Legoland Windsor project at the time, and it’s one of the only jobs I’ve left without finishing, such was the rush to get out. I’d realised the present order was not natural, but rather that it is new, that came from somewhere, and that it was designed by particular people with particular interests, like Alexander Rustow.  It felt like Management had secretly  been to night school and learnt a new meaner method.

It was the end of Society as we had previously known it, but they are not finished yet. Devised by people it can be undone by people, I hope.


The floatation of many company’s was another assault on the workers wages. Where does the money come from for the Shareholders dividend, and the new H&S department and the new HR department, it can only come out of the workers wages as the boss isn’t going to pay it out of his profit.

It tickles me to see Blair telling us we should stay in the single market and the Customs union for he is a Neoliberal as well. Seeing him wearing a Kippah reminded me of the string of Jewish names that are attached to this way of thinking, not forgetting the list of Billionaires, some Jewish, as it’s money that’s really in charge now.

They have a wish to remove Capitalism away from Government and a vote. Free of all constraints and controls. Free labour would be ideal, but they are settling for free movement at the moment. Anything that can be, is to be monetised.

The Wiki says:

Neoliberalism (neo-liberalism)[1] refers primarily to the 20th-century resurgence of 19th-century ideas associated with laissez-faire economic liberalism.[2]:7 These include extensive economic liberalization policies such as privatization, fiscal austerity, deregulation, unrestricted free trade,[3] and reductions in government spending in order to increase the role of the private sector in the economy and society.[11] These market-based ideas and the policies they inspired constitute a paradigm shift away from the post-war Keynesian consensus which lasted from 1945 to 1980.

That’s where we are, if we look out of the window.

We’ve seen the effects of economic liberalism, Enron and the 2008 crash to name but two. If we look at Chile in 1980, Neoliberal  James McGill Buchanan helped the Pinochet dictatorship write a new constitution, which, partly through the clever devices Buchanan proposed, has proved impossible to reverse entirely. Amid the torture and killings, he advised the government to extend programmes of privatisation, austerity, monetary restraint, deregulation and the destruction of trade unions: a package that helped trigger economic collapse in 1982. In 1986 James Buchanan was awarded the Nobel memorial prize for economics. Mrs Thatcher had Pinochet as a personal friend.

Privatisation has seen a none stop selling off of assets, you can be riding your bike now and told you can’t, it’s private land and there are rules you follow or don’t go that way again, you might even be fined.

Fiscal Austerity has seen an ever increasing drop in all aspects of life, especially in the care given by the Government to those less off in society. The NHS wasn’t safe under Labour and it’s even less safe now, as America is waiting to own it.

If you look back to 1938 (the year my mother was born) and beyond you’ll find the property supremacist John C Calhoun, who argued in the first half of the 19th century that freedom consists of the absolute right to use your property (including your slaves) however you may wish; any institution that impinges on this right is an agent of oppression, exploiting men of property on behalf of the undeserving masses. I’ve met bosses with the same mentality.

Deregulation has spread far and wide. There’s been a De Regulation for money and for control systems. Do you remember Trading Standards? did you ever read Which Cladding? obviously Kensington Council didn’t. Trading Standards could have stopped Grenfell if they hadn’t been told to let up and let the manufacturer’s check their own products. If local Councils still had their own Clerk of Works, he would have stopped Grenfell. If the local Council had sent a Fire Officer, they would have stopped Grenfell. If Grenfell had a warden, more lives would have been saved.

Un restricted free trade and free movement, the two go together.

Thatcher stopped the Better Home initiative which Grenfell would have been brought up to date in the 90’s under. Free movement saw the demise of the Industrial Process that used to insulate the blocks like Grenfell. Firstly, cheap unskilled labour was used by management to lower wages, secondly, they expected you to be happy with it, eventually all their trained workers left. Most left the Industry, never to return, hence the skills shortage across the land, and Bovis the house builders £7 million pot, put aside for snagging this year.  I haven’t stopped laughing about that. The quality the untrained could muster, you or anyone with the money wouldn’t pay for. Eventually the clients and local councils didn’t want anymore doing to that quality level and looked for something else, and picked Rain Screen as the new method.

As seven out of the ten company’s connected with the project where for the cladding side, pinning the blame will be difficult. Who would a quarter of Million pounds be a saving for, is a smaller list.

What you can’t see is the windows where moved from their original spot outwards, to aid light ingress as the cladding was at least 150mm deep. The fire proofing around the new window position will be under scrutiny along with the system makeup in the internal corners where the fire first travelled at speed vertically. You will hear much about the cavity fire stops, they survived the blaze, they are still there, they are on the floor pads in the final picture, just above the windows in an horizontal line. Where are the fire breaks in the flammable cladding, the cavity breaks stop against the back of the outer  cladding, under heat, they don’t make it to the outer edge,  can you see any in the extremely flammable cladding? no as there aren’t any. Molten Aluminium windows give us some idea of the temperatures involved. The temperatures reached in property’s is even higher than previous, with the invent of Lithium battery’s for phones and pads. Down in the right hand corner fourth square in on the second level you can see the colour of the FR5000 Insulation, which didn’t burn with the cladding, more it was turned to carbon by the flat fires that followed. If the fire hadn’t made it inside, the Insulation would still be there as the burning cladding had passed it quite quickly.


There is a chance more deaths on a large scale will have happened before we hear the final news on Grenfell. Is there a reason for the circle of Mosques that encircle London? imagine them as a boundary. Londonium will end there, and if your not the right colour or of the correct wealth you won’t be allowed to live there. It will be a fully privatised area of well kept lawns, homes and not a spot of litter or riffraff. In essence, it is a class war of the global rich against the rest of humanity. Its purpose is to destroy the gains made by working people since the 40’s, to increase the rate of exploitation and profit, and to redistribute wealth from labour to capital.  So they will build you a new house or block of flats but the developer will decide on the affordable figure, so none of Grenfell’s residents could afford the rent.

As James Buchanan managed to write a manifesto for Chile, then I’m going to write a manifesto for the world. I’ve tested it on a multi millionaire, it went down like a lead balloon, so I reckon with a little bit of fine tuning it will be good to go.



Barclays Bank, The Guardian, The Times and amongst others have covered it recently, it’s even been discussed in the Houses of Parliament and on the news. Here’s a snippet from the Guardians Phillip Inman, “There are generally two ways to improve productivity. One is the purchase of better machinery. The second involves a new process, which allows a worker to increase the speed or quality of what they are doing. Quality matters as much as quantity when firms can charge more for higher-grade goods.”

Having worked in Germany there is a bigger use of tools as men are dearer than tools. Here in the UK tools are more expensive than the workers. In Construction, for the Plastering trade there has been improvements in the tools, in the quest to shrink the skills needed to get it flat. There hasn’t been a pay rise after 1979/80 and if we take account of the effects of Privatisation and .com then the money in your pocket has been under constant attack since that year. Increasing speed started in Thatcher’s years, it had too, the family needed food. Firstly the Time and Motion book was re-written and the prices shrunk, then they had privatisation to pay for, and Privatisation to suffer as it hasn’t made anything cheaper. Lately they have had cheap immigrant labour that bosses have used to drop wages across the country. In my trade ten untrained men on £30 a day with food and lodgings have been doing the work of two fully trained men, but the quality levels reached wouldn’t have been paid for years ago. When a boss looks at the spread sheet and says “you need to speed up, these immigrants are faster” get another job. Your arms can only go so fast with a wet product and you will eventually wear out joints and Tendons.

Laughing I saw the latest House builders quality issues with one company putting aside 7 million in the hope that’s enough to put right all the problems. Imagine standing in your new house and asking the representative “is it really ready” and then proceed to note all the problems you can see just from where your standing. Self auditing is partly to blame, and management. News today, workers are retiring without a pension, really, I wonder why.

Real life, Devon this week.

A team turned up on site to unload materials for the system and start the job on a Subcontract basis. The materials didn’t turn up until Tuesday, even though it said Monday on the order, so no monies earned. On Tuesday the materials turned up without a forklift, 3.8 ton of materials. It says Forklift on the sheet as EU rules say it’s too heavy for handballing. After unloading and stacking they notice one key starter item is missing to be delivered on Friday, a ranting phone call to the system suppliers brought that forwards to Wednesday, no monies earned. Wednesday 10.00am the starter track arrives and they start work. After a few hours they realise the tradesman in front is way behind as he’s running the job as well. Wednesday afternoon they release a man from their team to speed him up. As work progressed they had noticed a problem, the scaffold wasn’t suitable for their install method. Who was it designed for? the Roofers. What is the Roofer doing on a scaffold? he climbs up it and accesses the roof and often its where he stores materials, especially on the top deck. To make sure he doesn’t fall down the 100mm inner gap a handrail has been installed around the internal, which blocks access for 2.4×1.2 metre sheets, limited monies earned. Thursday spray paint the trims that will be on show for the shocked client and generally sort out the system, what goes where etc, limited monies earned, but they have materials on the wall at last. Friday a system surveyor turns up on site, he says there should be a membrane on top of the other trades work to act has a barrier, “it’s not written down in the specification, not on your web portal, how where they to know?, “take it all off, install membrane, refit, not sure why it’s not in the specification” Surveyor says he’ll make a note. No monies earned.

Friday, foul weather but it’s all systems go. The Site manager, bald as a coot, has many long scars and scabs on his head, as the scaffold height is at 5ft 9” anyone over 5ft 5” isn’t wearing a helmet, the manager is visibly about 5ft 8/9”. As the team leave the ground floor and start floor one much swearing takes place, much banging of hammers and banging of heads, they can’t get past the 100mm gap and can’t feed past the inner handrail. Limited monies earned and an extra dinner had to be consumed. Over the weekend the scaffold is going to be altered and put back up at 6ft 6”.  How long have people regularly been seen at 6ft or above, anytime after the 1950’s, I shall blame meat and protein eating, after the wars ended munch, munch.

Now where in amongst all that would faster workers have altered productivity? Are the workers not working as fast as they can? all those on a metre price especially. Plastering along with other dusty trades have just been slowed slightly by the forced clean shaven rule and a Facefit mask, to be worn at all times, the clean shaven rule is rigidly enforced, any bum fluff and your sent home.

A team roll up onto a private house on an estate to install an Insulated render system. Day one unload materials and clear garden rubbish so they can access the scaffold. They note there is no outside tap, no water, and the occupant is at work. They phone the office, can you use a standpipe they ask, yes they had sourced a fire Hydrant close by on the street, one will be delivered to site tomorrow, No monies earned and a 120 mile round trip with fuel costs. Day two, 10:00am and the standpipe is delivered. Over an hour spent opening and cleaning out the hydrant, it’s an old one and the new pipe doesn’t fit. A local controller offers to bring water from a local garage, the team laugh at him, they need a constant supply and lots of it. Would the garage be ok with this? An adapter is promised for the day after, no monies earned and more fuel costs. Day three adapter arrives, it doesn’t fit, the team go home and source their own, no monies earned and fuel costs and adapter costs added.

Day four it’s all systems go. Time to earn some money. The firm refuse to pay a previously agreed waiting time payment. Where did that project go wrong? The initial survey/management should have noticed the house had no tap, the local controller could have cleaned out the hydrant and sorted a tap before they arrived. Workers need better protection from robbing bosses. Water is still a necessity for Plastering and has been for years. It’s the first thing a Plasterer looks for, seconded by access. Often the boss might think you are 9ft high or have really long arms.

Construction has seen a marked increase in bosses who don’t know what the job is , Geography teachers, Woodwork teachers, History teachers, Opticians, and Ex Council managers to name a few.

“Oh this looks interesting, never seen it before, easy is it?”, “who are you?”, “the system Auditor”.

News this week, Suicides amongst Construction workers is at an all time high, could this be the thought of having to increase productivity, again?, I’m guessing £7:20 an hour is partly responsible along with wage theft and crowds of management with no idea, slowing up their jobs and affecting their money, having to cancel their pensions and working conditions similar to a passage from Animal Farm,  never mind all those saying they need to speed up. “Where’s the toilet”, “under the bosses arse”, “where’s that”?, “about two miles away, go down here turn left, then right, follow it on until the second right, first left, then cut through a field, you will see his office in the distance, make sure you wear your hi-vis vest and helmet, all the way”, “what, even in the field?” Willmott Dixon management wear Pink hi-vis vests, just to add to the ambience.

Productivity could be improved by running, except running whilst your bursting is a recipe for a disaster, hence the smelly carrier bags of fouled jeans left in peoples gardens on a big job in Plymouth and Bristol last year, and those odd looking fellows back at work in the wrong size Primark trousers. How about centralised toilets or mobile ones?

There was no mention of management in the Guardian or the Times, or Barclays piece on the subject.

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