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Just the tonic

Many months ago two American Doctors hit the media whilst not wearing masks. They only wore masks during surgery. We can imagine that the number of infected patients that they have dealt with since then is quite large, as 1000 a day are still dying in the USA. But it’s got a population of 380 million. They reappeared again today and they are still not wearing masks.

Here in the UK we have a 70 million population and 100 are dying per day. What they are dying of is another question as mass falsification has been the norm, as governments and the media have ramped up the threat like they have done for all illnesses over the years.

Both Doctors early in the year mentioned Chloroquine and Zinc, but we can see the fury this caused in the media. Nothing has every been safe for everyone and that includes Vaccines, which are inherently dangerous by design. But they are not the only voices as more and more Doctors are saying the same. Some are being sacked for saying it but the movement is growing. We need Trump who’s taken it to tell us why he’s not allowed to promote it.

Some even quote a virology journal from 2005. Yes this isn’t a new virus like they keep telling us day after day after day. The journal plainly says Chloroquine is a potent, yes potent, inhibitor, yes inhibitor of Sars Coronavirus. It couldn’t be any clearer and they’ve known this for 15 years.



Yet Mr Fauci and Mr Gates are pushing an untested vaccine and threatening a second wave. And the WHO are singing from the same hymn sheet. But their corruption is now plain to see. The Who relies on Pandemics for it’s funding.

Todays post from the Doctors was all about the attempts being made to shut down the places you can buy the drug from as big pharma sees it’s forecasted profits are under threat, as the USA has large stocks of Chloroquine in storage, and it could be wheeled out right now, and it’s cost is minimal.

If taken early with Zinc it can stop you getting it. For some though this will not be a Silver bullet one drug fits all. Over 15 years this drug has been refined and the side effects have been whittled down but for some it might be risky. That’s where Doctors come in if they are allowed to treat the patient. Currently here in the UK even speaking to the Doctor isn’t easy.

Many are now treating the patient and those treated with it are growing, but the media has a firm grip on all these posts and does its best to delete them.

So their antidote to the situation was Schweppes tonic water and Zinc. Thats because it’s got Quinine in and ok it won’t have the power of a refined drug but they are denying you from getting it or taking it.

So a little help is better than no help which is just the tonic of which we certainly need.

News out today if you have covid in your house they can demolish it. We could end up with the whole country turned to rubble, yet infected people are flying in whilst some are sailing in, in dinghy’s every day.

If this happens to you the addition of Gin to the Tonic might just be what you need.



What is Covid19, some say it’s a virus but nobody has produced a real copy of it for us to look at.

We have a computer model that someone imagined what one could look like but we still don’t know for sure.

During past virus and bacterial outbreaks officials have jumped on them immediately, which is the proper way of dealing with them. Leaving your Airports open on instruction from the World Health Organisation is not the way to stop a global infection, it’s quite the opposite.

Today nobody is making much of an effort to look for the source some seven months down the line. Why is that?

If we go back to the beginning a RNA sample fragment was found in the lungs of a patient. Somebody said it must be from the virus, but no one has provided any evidence to support that idea.

A computer model whether its about the climate or health isn’t a fact, it’s controlled by code and they control the code to get the graphs they want for the imaginary Global warming and possible deaths from a virus nobody has seen.

So with no virus to show, how are they designing the vaccine or the test. The test seems to be looking for evidence of RNA but it can’t say which version because they don’t know. So we have many quarantined for no reason other than a dodgy test. And we have many thinking the globes on fire because of a dodgy Hockey Stick graph.

Many have asked for samples from the electron microscope but all have given excuses as why they don’t have one. I’d be making that public knowledge if I was a reporter.

Many asked for the code that produced the Fraudulent Hockey Stick graph that kick started the fake Global warming movement, but it was years in court before they gave up on the idea that there ever was any code. Copy, cut and paste was the method and much is the same for the estimated version of Covid.

Fergusons code which was used to usher in the lockdown was written in a way that made deciphering it really hard, so it spent a month with Microsoft experts trying to sort it out, after the delays from Fergusons team who didn’t want to release the code at all.

The code was that badly written, that it gave different results on the model depending on which machine it was run on. If the code can’t give repeatable results then it’s not a model we should even be looking at with any great interest never mind bankrupting a country.

A computer model isn’t evidence of a fact.

Lately we can hear the words Mandatory for mask wearing, tests and vaccines. They called it a Novel version quite early on but this newspaper cutting from 1996 could have the date changed and be published again today. Sadly none of the current face coverings would appear on any virus stopping toolkit list.

As Face coverings are a mandatory requirement from the 24th of July long after the spike as passed we must wonder what is the purpose.

Ai would like us to be six foot apart for recognition purposes.

Since the demise of the communities that used to be in every town whether they be the stamp collectors or the youth clubs the chances of us meeting up in large numbers for a chat has been drastically reduced, and masks won’t help that situation. 


This isn’t fact based data driven Science, this is Soviet era Political Science. Left leaning NGO’s and focus groups have infiltrated education and the Sciences right across the West, and they are supported by the globalist oligarchs and Mr Blair. It’s been a long march but they are now installed.

The WHO has a  financial link to the CCP and the globalist oligarchs, and from it’s early actions we could see that they didn’t hesitate to give out false information on their behalf.

Mr Ted Heath knew the population of the UK would never go for joining the EEC if they knew the truth, so they decided to deceive a large number up until the point it was too late to do anything about it. The documents from the time show us exactly what kind of people govern us, and you’d never vote for them if you knew.

Mr Cameron knew nobody would go for Agenda 2021 or 2030 without massive deception until it was too late to do anything about them.

Last year the UN told all the Western governments that they hadn’t done enough for Agenda 2030. And now we hear the words New Normal daily. Their version of the new normal stinks of Corporate Marxism.

Last year Boris was about to rob the Pension funds but was told to hang on. Now he can rob them without too much noise before the Industry crashes. After ten years of Austerity, robbery and zero performing government bonds, their funding stream has been damaged beyond repair.


Vitamin D

I look at the infested map of the UK this morning and my County has one of the highest numbers but where are they. Is my town a hotspot? the map no longer gives me that information, the media no longer gives that information. Week one we had two in Teignmouth who had returned from skiing in Italy. Now it says eighteen in Devon and Torbay.

Devon is the worst hit area in England with 18 confirmed coronavirus patients, followed by Hertfordshire, where there are 13

Since the beginning the deceit has come from all sides. The left say its like Flu but it’s 34 times deadlier and anyone treating it has to wear a hazmat suite. The Tories say the NHS is well prepared but they don’t have enough Hazmat suites, Oxygen or ICU units for this viruses capabilities. Italy is already seeing 100 die per day and their hospitals are overwhelmed. A lot of the UK’s infestation has come from Italy and multiple flights have been landing from there daily without any checks. It’s airborne and can be picked up from surfaces. Viruses have been with us since the Ice Ages. I’m expecting it to have a few days alive on a surface. I’m not sure if heat will kill it as its in Australia.  I’m watching numbers in Africa. It’s a Sunshine country, mine isn’t at 50 degrees North.

British Medical Journal 2017. And from other Scientific papers on the subject.

It suggests we in the UK take a vitamin D supplement daily. Taking it monthly or quarterly didn’t have the same results.

It’s a sunshine tablet. Side effects =zero

After a double blind test on over ten thousand people across many countries. The evidence was there to see.

It cuts Bacterial and Viral infections and aids recover of these illnesses if you catch them.

In the Northern Hemisphere the effects where the highest suggesting our levels are naturally low.

My Dog died at Christmas and I was instantly aware that without my morning walks I would no longer be out in the Sun for as long. I have since carried on the dog walk without a dog, weather permitting.

Any help you can give yourself might save your life, especially if you are already compromised in any way. It is obvious the Government has other worries.



            Birch Hill Hospital in Rochdale used to be a workhouse when it opened in 1877. It had wards for imbeciles in addition to an infirmary, before becoming a Hospital. I phoned it once to see if it had any data on my mother, as I’d no idea who she was. Its since been bought by Persimmon homes in the last few years, with 28 acres for £21.5 million. Another of the countries assets sold, the list of our assets gets shorter monthly. You don’t give a country away whilst it’s full of money or saleable items.

 birch  hill

Back in March of 1958, my Father had been battling towards the hospital on his Francis Barnett Motorcycle, through heavy snow with a head on howling Easterly wind. Some time later I was waiting for a smack on my backside, to announce my arrival into this world, clasped by the ankles like a chicken. In 1937 Arthur Barnett died aged 74 and was superseded in the company by his son Eric who was killed by a lorry in 1953, and that was end of that line. Francis Barnett Coventry, formed in 2015 currently make the Batribike amongst other models. There is a chance my father wouldn’t have made it on one of these.


Outside, anywhere daylight was available, lenses where trained towards the sun with the necessary heavy filtration on their lenses. Everyone was counting Sunspots and Flares, whilst reading some writings from Plato. Plato was a balding fellow that wore a robe like he was just out of the bath, and wrote about everything and a bit more besides, around 350BC, when it was way hotter than today. His entire work is believed to have survived intact for over 2,400 years, a miracle no less.

Over the Midwifes shoulder high in the sky, a recurrent Nova RS Ophiuchi of the spectral type M2, was exploding and spilling gas into its small blue companion star in the Snake Charmer constellation, some 5,000 light years away. It was noticed by somebody in Florida called Cyrus, the light equivalent of 250 of our Suns. In 1967 Cyrus working on a hunch saw it again, but a difference in timezones meant somebody else received the recognition. It’s carried on and shone its light in 1985, and 2006, around July the red giant which is as big as our Sun, settles down into a deep red glow, for a recharge. Having only really noticed recurring Nova’s in 1933, there is much we don’t know, so the world watches whilst the pendulum swings along the cycle.



         During 1957 and the beginning of 1958 we where going over the top of a rollercoaster in weather cycles and it was the big ending of a cycle that has continued in chunks of 11 years and 88 years… and here we where at the end of a section called cycle 19, the final big dipper, going over the top. Plato had said Gods had set the cycles going and they would last for ages and so they have, like a long stretched spring, stretching from then to right now. Close to the extremes at either end, Volcanoes erupt, Earthquakes rumble, Tornados blow and Forest fires rage, Floods erase and newborns arrive. Plato had called our Sun a Nova and had talked of mass coronal ejections that once stopped the earth and caused a flood,  some years before him on a cycle.


In 1957/58 Telegraph poles burst into flames all across Northern America, seriously affecting communications, from the activity the Sun was throwing at us from a record number of Sunspots that still stands today. The records may be broken at the end of the next cycle in 2046. In 1859 at the end of Cycle 11, fires broke out in the telegraph network across Northern America wiping a lot of it out, with telegraph operators receiving massive shocks at the terminals.

Four days of mainly anticyclonic weather affecting Ireland Scotland and England announced my arrival with months of high sunspots, Class X rockets and mass coronal ejections. Rockets are classed from A being the smallest followed by B,C,M and X. It explains why I like fireworks, loud bangs, and Iron. RS Ophiuchi was emitting Iron by the bucket load for my Birthday, with 13 of its electrons stripped, suggesting it had been heated to millions of degrees. It was travelling at 3000 kilometres a second.  That must have been a loud bang, but the Midwifes hand had already connected, and all they could hear was me in my birthday suite.

A switch was thrown in the science department, they needed further proof of cycles and Nova’s and especially recurrent ones and quickly. A race was on to launch a Satellite, we see Nasa start up in 1958. Russian Sputnik1 was tracked by many, including a school in the UK who worked out that Sputnik was taking photographs of specific things on its orbit, while it had a chance. They even worked out how many shots it took as they could hear the data traffic. Explorer followed shortly after, it spent a lot of time over the Atlantic ridge where they found evidence that lined up with particular sun cycles.

Note the moments are in both directions and some have travelled far. The next race was for the moon for soil samples and evidence of Nova’s. There is a difference between materials that come from volcanoes or from above. All that bubbling up the pipe leaves air and gas bubbles that we can see today in the selection of glass spherules amongst the 400gr of rocks and soil they brought back from the moon in the Apollo 12, 14, 16, and 17 missions. This is an original shot so its quite small.

From these they dated all the Cosmic and Volcanic Glass, which lined up with a few more Sun Cycles. They then went digging in old lakes like Windermere in the UK, and up in the Alps, and produced more graphs that line up with cycles. 2019 and  Solar Probe Parker is currently on its second orbit of the sun, during the seven year mission it will get to less than 4 million miles from the suns centre. Whilst action on the sun is currently low, any action visible like Coronal holes keep their shape longer, as they are not buffeted by anything around it, so it’s a good time to study them.

Meanwhile back at home Plato said the extreme of the cycle is the busiest. At the moment its the deadly quite extreme at the bottom of the wave, and was for the whole of 2018. A total contrast to 1957/58.

Very current KP activity above, a quite Sun day on the 30th.

While this has been so our magnetic system has been deviating so much, the GPS figures are now being monitored closely, as one Northern lobe has travelled quite quickly towards Siberia and its growing. The other lobe is over Canada and quite weak. Our magnetic North used by GPS taken from an average between the two lobes, has moved to the right. if we start a war tomorrow, missile systems could be inaccurate by lunchtime. Since 1980 its been moving at 30 miles per year after hardly moving at all for ages. The next official update was for 2020, but US military had requested an update over Christmas but the current shutdown of the Government is delaying it. Currently any missile launch couldn’t be guaranteed for accuracy.

Today NMP 86.4°N 175.3°E

1960  NMP 75.3°N 101.0°W

It’s possible we are close to a Pole swap. It’s possible they can happen very quickly. What happens in them we really don’t know. Worst case scenario it’s possible all our sensitive volcanoes all blow at once. Earthquakes become two a penny. The resulting dust cloud would kill most of us and nigh on everything else as it would be freezing cold for years. Maybe the globe turns over 90 degrees so the poles end up on the equator, which could explain a big flood and a load of mud. Maybe only the pigeons get lost and crash into unexpected things like Pyramids and Skyscrapers but some survive, sea shells on the other hand start spiralling in the other direction making it impossible for them to mate with the other spiral, so they all die off quite quickly and is possibly seen in the fossil records.

We’ve looked around the world for evidence of other events that have happened quickly. Lake Titicaca on the border of Peru and Bolivia has millions of fossilised sea shells two miles above sea level. The change happened so quickly they couldn’t adapt and died in their millions, yet this is the only freshwater place in the world, that Sea Horses live in.  The ancient city of Tiahuanaco 13 miles away in Bolivia has ancient docks and a wharf and is even higher than the lake. All around evidence of a culture long forgotten can be seen in megalith constructions that live in the area, with some stones at over 80 metric tons. It is possible they built them so hefty in the hope of surviving Earthquakes which where more common then. If the Mayan calendar proves to be prophetic, then cosmic disturbance and nigh on total annihilation is a regular and predictable occurrence because it’s on a cycle, so they could easily predict that life 7000 years from then would roughly be the same. Some have survived these cosmic slaughters but not them, as they didn’t see their own demise coming, as it happened so quickly, possibly in a Pole swap during the quite period of a cycle. One of their 7000 year cycles ended in 2012. Everything was supposed to be reborn on a new day with all the ingredients coming from the Sun. People around the world stocked up on tinned ham on the day before, just in case, but nothing happened that we noticed. The end of another cycle is in 2046, it’s another big dipper and tins of ham will probably cost a fortune.


Ch4 to the rescue

Jordan Peterson debates with Cathy Newman

No wonder it went viral. It’s the best video I’ve seen so far this year. Thank you CH4, There was talk of taking it down with the idea it was damaging Cathy, but we have seen plenty of behaviour like this on all the main channels and we have plenty of material on Cathy, to see she is not a reporter, she has an ideology firmly implanted and it’s rare to see anyone gain a gotcha moment.

It’s hot

In 1976, and for some years afterwards, manual workers on Construction sites, would be in various states of undress. Bricklayers in swimming trunks, would be as brown as a Moroccan in three days, on his back at least. All those indoors doing manual tasks  like plaster boarding, Plastering, Artexing and Carpentry, would also be in various states of undress.

On one site I’d made my way past the overweight bricklayer in his trunks, glistening in his tanning oil and in to the shade of a nearby house. In the lounge a radio, too loud for clarity, was drowned out by the singing dryliner, in his cut down jeans shorts. His wallet pocket hanging down below the jagged edge, his skin as white as a sheet, from dust and a lack of sun.

Upstairs, Radio three, two female Artexers, one in a floral dress, hanging loose in the parts that weren’t stuck to her massive frame by sweat, Artex dust clinging to the hairs sprouting from her chin. The other all slim to the point of being thin, was in a bikini. Much like the Dryliner, both where as white as a sheet, highlighted by the redness of ones bikini. Her sweat had soaked her arse crack. Now there will be a piece by Mozart said the radio, I scurried off downstairs. “What did you make of the Lesbians”? shouts the Dryliner. I’d not given that a thought.

Move on to today.

Anyone mixing powders like Artexers, Plasterers and Bricklayers will have to have one member clean shaven, checked on, every day, no excuse. A mask has to fit well enough to survive a smell box test. Health wise this is a winner. Silica sand is bad for us.

Shorts and Bikini’s are not allowed outside or inside. Outside is partly due to damage from the sun, you must protect yourself, it’s dangerous. Hardhats, Gloves, Steel toecap boots and a Hi-Vis vest, to be worn at all times, all these items are a sackable offence if removed, even if your working on a bathroom ceiling on a two bed. This is pathetic tick box H&S, gone mad.


Un Agenda 21+2030 are coming your way

Sustainable Development is the action plan to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all information, all energy, and all human beings in the world.     

In 1992 George Bush and another 178 world leaders including John Major signed up for the Un Agenda 21.

The plan is make everything sustainable. In the USA they have a plan to build miles of high speed rail lines, the UK has its HS2 line. The plan is too return a lot of the countryside back to a wild space. If you live in an urban sprawl then under this plan you won’t, you will live in high rise blocks alongside the rail lines. The plan is already in every school and library, it’s a global plan implemented at a grass root level. Our kids are being indoctrinated, you want to be green?, oh yes, then stress it to your mum and dad. Living as we do is unsustainable. In the plan farming and insecticides, fertilisers, rivers and dams have to go, meat eating has to stop. Car driving, religion, living in a house, will all be a thing of the past. The idea of a government as we know it will be taken over by the UN and the army of do-gooder’s under their control. We will be expected to monitor our friends and family and grass them up if they step out of the control levels, such as growing your own food. This is not allowed, your fertilisers with run into the water source, the water source belongs to the world, you aren’t allowed to mess with it.

The word Smart is everywhere, smart meters will allow those in charge to turn off your power if they think your using to much. How can you be using too much? your box is the same size as everyone else’s box. Initially I’m expecting price banding, the minute you get home the price will rise, and it will rise so much you will be afraid to use it. Luckily by 2030 all buildings won’t need any energy for heating. All those who live in the far north, sorry that’s wild land and its unsustainable for you to live there. Vehicles use roads and bridges, these can’t be sustained. Firstly you will be charged by the mile, the cost will rise enough to put you of driving, add in the bridge has gone and the road has been ground into gravel and you will be glad of your hi-rise box next to the rail line. Oil? pollute the water, create dust, no, no, no, this can’t continue for the good of the global community. You will not be allowed to own land or a means of production like a shop or a factory. All these will be centralised and close to the railway line or by the cycle route

The middle classes are doomed along with the educated. The middle classes use more resources than poor people, this is unsustainable and you will all have to be made poor. Schools will/ are dumbing down the masses to aid this. The aim is a global cashless money system. Your taxes will be deducted before you buy your food. If you buy something they don’t like, you will be arrested, nothing can be allowed to mess with the plan. There will be a global religion, currently you can teach Islam but not Christianity, but I’m not expecting Islam to be the last one, I’m expecting the Catholics or the Jews.

Animals unless they are wild are unsustainable, goodbye cows, own a horse, no that’s unsustainable.

Information, in the USA Agenda 21 is already at work in the planning departments, your house could get burnt by a forest fire, that can’t be sustained, planning permission to rebuild will be refused, hence the armed police at the planning meeting, they know you won’t like it. Tv and the press will be heavily controlled,

Population reduction by war, disease, sterilisation and an option to kill in the first four years of life if there is something wrong with the child. We can’t afford to be looking after disabled people. Prince Phillip from the UK said he he could be re-incarnated he would like to come back as a virus and wipe out the population. The USA holds the patent on the Ebola virus and it’s variants, it was manufactured as a class A bio-weapon, one drop in the air can kill 500,000.



Life revisited

JAILED: Sadistic mum who starved and abused three girls – forcing one to drink out of a toilet bowl

By Grimsby Telegraph  |  Posted: January 19, 2017

By Mark Naylor



Locked up: Caroline Sharp. Picture: Facebook.

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THIS cruel and sadistic mother "abused, humiliated, belittled and neglected" three girls by starving them of food and affection and treating them as "slaves".

It was "truly the childhood of nightmares" for the girls and one of them was not allowed to have a bath for six weeks, a court heard.

She had to drink water from out of the toilet bowl and another was so hungry that she was forced to steal food in the middle of the night.

Caroline Sharp, 65, admitted three offences of child cruelty between June 1975 and June 1991.

Gordon Stables, prosecuting, told Grimsby Crown Court that Sharp was the mother of one of the girls and the stepmother of the other two, whose mother died in 1973.

Sharp originally lived in Louth but later moved to Cleethorpes and Barnetby. She has most recently of Glebe Road, Brigg,

The offences came to light in March 2015 when one of the stepdaughters approached the police.

She said that she became a "slave" and was not fed properly.

"She was so hungry she would pinch food from the cupboards but, when this was discovered, she would be hit by Sharp," said Mr Stables.

"She was constantly hungry."

The two stepdaughters were afraid to ask for food.

"They would go to school hungry," said Mr Stables.

When they returned from school, they would be made to eat cold congealed porridge from breakfast.

"They would often not be fed between Friday teatime and pack-up on Monday at school," added Mr Stables.

More on this case: ‘Unburdened’ victims describe being ‘on a high’ after jailing of bullying and sadistic mum

One of the stepdaughters remembered an incident in Barnetby when she had to drink water from out of the toilet bowl because she was not allowed drinks.

She would be made to go without washing or a bath for days at a time and, on one occasion, it was six weeks before she was allowed to have a bath.

"She wasn’t allowed to use washing facilities or a toothbrush," said Mr Stables.

When she started her periods, she was not allowed to use any sanitary protection and had to use newspaper or toilet paper.

"She felt she looked like a tramp," added Mr Stables.

She had holes in her shoes and had to wear wellington boots in the summer.

She described her childhood as a "nightmare".

The other stepdaughter had "no memory of nice times when she was growing up" and remembered being "smacked and starved".

She was starved to the point where she would steal food in the middle of the night.

The stepdaughter was so hungry that she would eat the cold porridge they were served.

She described herself and the other stepdaughter as being "tramps" and "a mess".

She had nits all the time and was mentally abused by Sharp. The two girls were made to spend hours working in the garden and also had to do housework.

She described herself as an "emotional wreck".

The daughter remembered having an "abusive childhood" and witnessed her mother treating the other two girls as slaves and "the lowest of the low".

More on this case: Women reveal full and harrowing details of how they were treated as slaves and animals

She herself was treated as a slave and remembered feeling hungry all the time. She was too scared to steal anyone.

She was force-fed egg sandwiches and fatty mince, which made her sick, but Sharp found this funny.

"She was purposely dressed unfashionably, was given the opposite of what everyone else had and was belittled," said Mr Stables.

When Sharp was arrested, she told police: "I know I’m not a nice person.

"If I could turn back the clock, I would love them. I’m very, very sorry. I’m not proud of it."

Robert Underwood, mitigating, said Sharp pleaded guilty, had shown remorse and was frank during police interview.

"The past has caught up with her," said Mr Underwood. "She is full of remorse.

"The legacy of what occurred has had an effect upon these women. She feels humiliated.

"She can’t turn the clock back. She wishes she could."

Sharp had no previous convictions.

Judge Paul Watson QC said that Sharp came into the lives of the two stepdaughters not long after the death of their mother.

"Their nightmare was only to begin," he said.

"This was truly the childhood of nightmares.

"At your hands, they were abused, humiliated, belittled and neglected.

"They were starved of the parental care and affection to which they were entitled."

Sharp starved them "in an even more literal sense" by keeping them from "basic essentials such as hygiene and food".

This went on for years with the stepdaughters and Sharp also "rejected" her own daughter and "degraded her" in the same way.

"These children were, in fact, used by you as slaves with no care or affection to be shown to them throughout their childhood," said Judge Watson.

"The effects upon each of them are lasting and profound.

"Each of them has been left with long-lasting and serious difficulties which they are struggling to deal with.

"Each girl is going to need therapeutic counselling for years to come."

Sharp was jailed for two years.

The three victims were in court to see their tormentor locked up and all three were in tears as Sharp was led away.

No reporting restrictions were imposed.



Dupuytren’s contracture


It occurs more frequently in patients with diabetes mellitus, seizure disorders, epilepsy, and alcoholism, which isn’t me at all. Genetics seems to be the most significant factor, as 4 to 7 in every 10 people with the condition have a family history of it. It’s also more common and often more severe in men over the age of 50 and of Northern European stock, it affects 4-6% of Caucasians worldwide. Dupuytren’s contracture is generally not thought to be related to manual work or using vibrating tools, although some recent studies suggest there may be a link. If so why does it only affect the ring, middle and pinkie fingers, when your index finger has been doing most of the work? I think falling badly on the side of my hand on March 10 2016 was the start of it as I can’t say I noticed it until shortly afterwards. A previous injury to the hand, such as a broken wrist has  been associated with an increased risk of Dupuytren’s contracture, but it’s not clear how this may lead to the condition. The only good news is Rheumatoid arthritis seems to protect against the development of Dupuytren disease.


Rivingtons pink wafer biscuits

Rivington Biscuits, famed for its pink wafers, has gone into administration, they are blaming brexit and the fall of the pound. Last financial year the two directors converted assets into cash and declared a £250,000 profit, every single penny of which they then immediately paid to themselves as a dividend, leaving £0 in the accounts for this year.

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