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An Uncivil War

A two-hour drama, scheduled for January and subtitled "An Uncivil War", is a joint venture between the UK’s Channel 4 and HBO in the US, and stars Benedict Cumberbatch.

It probably cost about £20 million to make.

It’s propaganda, a narrative, a targeted message on behalf of vote remain.

It will plant a seed that will be there if they force a second vote.


It promotes the narrative that came out of Cambridge Analytica and the remainer with pink hair who keeps popping up on the TV and doing my head in, who said it was the Russians with the help of Trump Farage and Mr Banks, who made Brexit happen, by targeting all the thick racist poor people in social media.

For me Brexit happened because we lost in the first referendum, and where taken in by the Tories without being asked in 73, on such a momentous decision. A Treasonous act.

I’ll still be there if another vote is forced, even though I’ve seen the seed being planted for staying at home and ignoring the vote.

If you read the National Archive document FCO+30+1048.pdf, from the run up to joining the EEC, you will see the question they asked about leaving, it’s a fair way through the pages and follows the many questions about Sovereignty, which they decided, it was probably better to deceive the population on, rather than tell the truth. They even discuss how to discuss it in the house of Parliament, so as not to alarm anyone. They even discuss the reactions in the house from their previous spiel, and how they would continue to fabricate and deceive. They even mention calling any negative voices racist, because they all “hate Johnny Foreigner”. I put it to you, he who calls you a racist is the racist.

“can we leave”,

“we are hoping it will be too late when they ask”,

“too late?”

“ yes hopefully our legal system will have moved to Brussels by then and there will be no legal system here to ask the question of”.

If our legal system had moved to Brussels our Parliament would have to carry on the facade or we’d finally suss the Sovereignty question. If you read the document there is no Sovereignty, it’s all been handed over. The house is a facade, stooges for the EU controlled from behind by Civil Servants.

Vote Leave in memory of Ted Heath.

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