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2017 Election

Welcome to this meeting, I’m in the chair, if we can get on with it as time is rather tight.

Agenda today is how do we stop the Brexit idea.

Initialy, we need to cancel out the old peoples vote, any ideas from either side?

From the right?

We could have a Dementia tax.

Yes that sounds good, how about if they can loose their houses? Yes, that would get rid of a few voters, what about getting rid of the winter fuel allowance? oh yes, that’s a winner, put that down, cancel the triple lock, yes put that down. We could keep Teresa out of the media, perhaps get her to pop up outside the odd house who wouldn’t vote for her, ever, yes and keep her debating down to the minimum. And just for the Conservative youth we could keep their Social Media occurrences to a minimum.  She needs a slogan that will put people off, Strong and Supple, no, no Strong and stable, yes, yes, ha, ha, ha.

Yes, Yes that’s a good start, how about the left? we need to increase their vote, enough to remove their majority.

Anyone on the left?

Well how about the youth?, they are an untapped reserve.

Yes, but how can we tempt them out of bed.

We could make everything free and lift the minimum wage, secondary education for them and add in some free things for the elderly to bring them over, like free hospital parking and a guarantee to keep the triple lock. We could take over Social Media with Owen and get Momentum to bus in extras for Labours meetings so they look massive as a contrast to the Conservatives single house.

Fantastic, we will have to deliver some costing’s to cover it. We could get Abbott and Thornbury to fluff a few figures, so it doesn’t look too contrived.

Well lets see how it goes, thank you all for attending.

Meeting closed.



Thousands of British construction workers are going to stage a protest against foreigners in the workforce, including Poles, on 3 February in London 2010.

That was in 2010, it doesn’t mention the Romanians or the Albanians, or the Spanish Solar Farm installers. I can forgive the Spanish workers, it’s their trade and has been for years, doom at home has forced them to travel, they don’t just come here. We have little knowledge in this industry, if it wasn’t for subsidy’s there wouldn’t be a tenth of the current Solar installs going on. There isn’t any point training lots of people or protesting. It could all come to a crashing end with a government change.

The original march was to protest at Mr Browns idea of British jobs for British men and the large gangs of untrained Polish workers swamping jobs. The Horticulture industry had already been taken over by the Portuguese.

Those large gangs are now Romanian in 2015, Untrained, uneducated, seriously underpaid, shitting in your bushes in the garden, covering over your gas flue’s, burying your air vents, chucking it on the wall, the list goes on. There is an air of exploitation, on a grand scale. Workers had been seen with no socks on during the winter months, dressed in ill fitting second hand clothes in Plymouth on the current British Gas External Wall Insulation project.

I am not seeing anyone protesting.

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